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Important Information
This page and a few others are categories of builds. All of these builds are fan-made, and have not been 100% tested to see if they work as intended. Please refer to the main builds page to see the other builds.
How To Add Builds
If you want to add a build, feel free to click the edit button or add it to the comments section. Please, try not to add builds similar to ones that are already on the page. If you see one that is similar to your idea, add yours under "Variations." For builds added to the page, please include the following information in the following order to ensure players get the most out of your build:

Build Name[]

"A Slogan: a nice phrase that fits in and adds a touch (optional)"

  • Petals Used: Sate which petals the build requires. If there is a specific order, separate petals with "/" (example iris/dandelion/rose)
  • How it Works: State what makes your build effective as well as what strategy you'll need to ensure success with it
  • Strengths: Most builds specialize and have strengths against certain mobs, situations or other builds.
  • Weaknesses: No build is strong everywhere, state the weaknesses of the build
  • How to Get: State how to get the build. Which mobs/resources should you attack to get the necessary petals?
  • Variations: If there are any variations to the build, put them here (usually it's swapping one or two petals for another).
  • Tip: You can add a tip for other people to give them some additional information (optional).

Note: Please don't put petal or mob suggestions here. Instead go to their respective pages and post it in the comments section there or go to blog posts. Alternatively, you can go to the official florr.io subreddit and post suggestions there.
Note: Please do not post joke builds here. Please post them at the Joke Builds page.
Note: These builds may vary in effectiveness. These builds should just be used as guides. The best build is the one that matches your play style.


Balanced builds tend not to focus on one thing, but blend parts of the other builds. Generally these are the builds that can be modified into any playstyle.

Perfect Dessert[]

"The ultimate dessert Guide"

  • Priority: Centipedes, Cactus, Ant nest, Giant beetle, Beetle.
  • Usage: enemies/constructs.
  • Petals used: (in order from left to right) Rose or Cactus (can also use Toxic Cactus) (Support) /Twin or Fast or Rice (Secondary atk) /Heavy or Rock or Missle or Peas or Corn (Main dps) /Twin or Fast or Rice or Iris or Wing (Secondary atk) /Rose or Cactus (can also use Toxic Cactus) (Support) /Stinger or Bubble (backstab protection/speeding up).
  • How it Works: Because the Petals are spinning clockwise Its adviced to move counter clockwise around the target and let Main dps do the work.
  • Strengths: Good at Farming, might survive a player attack, the enemy player/hostile enemy will target the support part but theres a stinger there to protect it.
  • Weakness: The support part of the petals are weak.
  • Guide: 0, Get your lucky object next to you (heavily recommended because the drops are RNG based) . 1, Spawn in. 2, killing ladybug is your first target as you need a heal petal to well, heal. 3, try to get Fast and Heavy/Peas and might even get Rock and get Stinger. 4, organize inv and delete all the basics and not needed petals as they give Exp. 5, you probally need to go to Desert zone now so do that. 6, wash your hands. 7, Get 1 Cactus/ Toxic cactus and equip it. 8, if you want a improvement then try to get Bubble, its gonna come in very handy when in hard zone. 9, you can now farm until you get to hard zone, good luck! you will need it... and last but not least. 10, end of Guide.
  • Tips: Go for the kill if a hunter is on low HP. Dont attack other players as your a farming build and you will likely die. if you find a Ant nest then damage the structure untill the Queen ant came out, then kill it

Toxic Hunter[]

"No heal, Easy kill"

  • Petals Used: (In Order) Erose or Rrose/ Bubble/ Dandelion/ Erose/ Iris/ Tringer/ Iris/ Tricactus.
  • How it Works: Use bubble to speed up to enemy, then use dandelion to stop healing, bubble again to catch up, lastly your tringer, iris, to deal damage. If he gets away, the poison will kill him.
  • Strengths: Good at PvP, can dodge hornet missiles using bubble and then use iris to slowly kill them. Can kill other mobs.
  • Weaknesses: Well, I think build is strong everywhere.
  • How to Get: Kill yellow and dark ladybugs to get bubbles and the roses and if you see massive ladybug kill it to get Erose/Rrose. When in medium zone, farm cactus and ant holes to get tringers from ant queens. If level 30, head to hard zone and farm hornets, use bubble to dodge the missiles. The dark ladybugs are in ??? zone. Beetles are easier to kill, kill them for irises.
  • Variations: You could swap the iris with a tringer, nothing else I guess.
  • Tip: When enemy low at health and no one else is with you you could bump them to deal damage.


"Ahh... The sweet smell of poison - and dead florrs."

  • Petals Used if you have Tringer (in order): Tringer/Ecac/Iris/Tricac or Ecac/Erose or Rrose/Faster/Erose or Rrose/Antennae or Stinger
  • Petals Used if you don't have Tringer (in order): Stinger/Stinger/Iris/Ecac/Erose or Rrose/Faster/Erose or Rrose/Stinger or Tricac
  • How it works: The Epic cactus is to scare people away and increase survival chances in a fight, although Tricactus gives you more HP, it's important to have at least one Epic cactus for the poison effect upon touch. The Tringer is to one-punch players and hornets alike and also can be used to lure people in. If you don't have it, then the 3 regular Stingers make up for it, although sacrificing Antennae for it. Iris is for hurting people who got past your Tringer or finishing them off, and Roses are for living (I don't recommend manual heals because if you get hit with a lot of instant damage e.g. quick ripper you'll die before you can switch) Faster is so your petals don't crawl like a snail and also to increase the chances of getting a Tringer-Iris combo in during PvP. Antennae can help you see your demise earlier and help avoid Hornet, Beetle and Spider swarms, but is the least useful part of this build. I recommend keeping a Dandelion (switch with Antennae) to assist Iris and Ecac and Bubbles to run away from Hornet swarms and teamers (If you can't kill them, don't play attrition.) You can also keep a Yin-Yang to keep your tringer alive, but remember to keep an eye on yourself as your own defense drops as well.
  • How to Get: After spawn, farm for Stinger and Rose in Easy, before moving to Medium. Find Rare Roses if possible, but if not join some fights for it. Ecac and Lcac are both hard to farm, so wait at the edge of hard or in ? for a lucky kid to stroll by and smush them with your Stinger-Iris combo. Kill Ant Holes or Spiders for Faster and Iris, and the rest is easy. Bubble and Dandelion as well as Antennae come from killing Hornets, and farm Queen Ants or murder the leaders for Tringer.
  • Strengths: Survival in ?, most Tank builds, most unskilled Trapper and Ranger builds, nooby teamers or teamers with bad coordination and/or petals, Angel/Demon builds if you can land your Tringer (actually, most builds if you can land your Tringer). DESTROYS builds that revolve around Iris because everything, even Cactus can hit the Iris and dispatch it. Add to that the heavy instant damage of your build with the long respawn time of Iris, and you have a really good counter.
  • Weaknesses: Good teamers, Hornet swarms, Good Arsenals or Bubble Assassins that use petals instead of ramming that manage to accurately boost into you, especially while your Tringer is on the other side, Deathwheels who shred your Tringer/Stingers and Iris before they hit. High endurance petal builds, especially those like the Hypersonic Cinderblock, although that counts as a Deathwheel.
  • Variations: Dandelion, Bubble or Yin-Yang in place of Antennae. You can also show off Unique Basic/Square if you want.
  • Tips: If you get hunted, don't keep running, you have enough cactus to survive a fight and your Tringer wins most. Try and get a friend to help with hornet swarms or run away with Bubble if you don't have any. Friends are heavily recommended when Level 60 Curse hits. After obtaining Tringer (and Antennae if lucky), try not to die, although Ecac, Tringer and Iris make you hard to kill.


"you may have outsmrated me but i have outsmrated your outsmrating!"

  • Objective: get a highscore lol maybe even fill out ur petal gallery lol
  • Petals Used (in order): /faster/faster/twin/twin/twin/twin/rose/rose/
  • Petals Used (in inventory): /stinger/stinger/stinger/stinger/rose or egg/rose or egg/
  • How it Works: fasters make the petals go well... faster the twins are for deathwheel version and the stingers are for quickripper version the roses heal you and when you want to kill someone switch out the twins with stingers and when ur done go back to farming with the twins the eggs/roses in ur inventory are for when you are low hp (eggs distract and kill mobs and the rose heal you)
  • Strengths: any unsuspecting players who think your twins are no harm >;D
  • Weaknesses: teamers, large hornet swarms (you wont die for a while but eventually you will die) and spider swarms (i really hate spiders)
  • How to Get (easy zone): first get 2 roses and 3 twins then go to cactus zone
  • How to Get (cactus zone): farm cacti until you get at least 2 stingers (put in inventory) if you find an anthole attack it, if you get a faster keep it (but dont use it) then after you get to level 30 go to hard zone
  • How to Get (hard zone): next farm spiders until you get the other 2 stingers, next get the 4th twin (centipedes or antholes) if you get another faster keep it then after that your build should look like this, /faster/faster/twin/twin/twin/rose/rose/ once you get to level 45 go to ? zone (if you get any eggs keep them)
  • How to Get (? zone): aquire the final twin petal and you should be are finishededed!
  • Variations: use better versions of petals (fastest,triplet,tringer,Erose,Legg,etc)
  • Tips: when attacking use stingers instead of twins and when farming/killing hornets use twins instead of stingers
  • (this was made by The PBLC aka Pollen Bad Luck Charm)

Bounty Hunter[]

"I can bring you in hot or cold."

  • Petals used: Rose, any/Twin or Triplet/Stinger, any/Ecac/Bubble/Iris/Yin Yang or Pollen/Faster
  • How it works: Just go around doing stuff
  • Strengths: Most everything but hornets
  • Weaknesses: Tanky builds, hornets and teamers
  • How to get: Farm stuff but kill for Pollen
  • Variations: Replace Bubble with Lweb.


"Oof, ur ded'"

  • Target zone: ?
  • Petals used: Erose/Triplet/Triplet/Triplet/Bubble/Pollen/Pollen/Pollen(keep 3 rice or yin-yang in inventory to shred)
  • How it works: Lay pollen during pursuit and for luring, and insert 3 rice/yin-yang to make an inverted quick ripper, while having mobility by the bubble. Triplets are for finisher offense petals.
  • Strengths: Almost everything, immune to hornet swarms
  • Weaknesses: Boulder Builds that just spawned new petals
  • How to get: KILL PLAYERS FOR POLLEN, triplets, and Erose(so easy), and get a bubble, then farm ladybugs or baby ants for the shredder petals.
  • Variations: Replace Bubble with Lweb.

Leafy Anvil[]

"A normal anvil, but it spins at 300mph and has leaves next to it."

  • Petals Used: (in order) leaf x2, faster x 2, leaf x2, rock(or heaviest )x2
  • How it Works: is just like leaf blower (look on this page for that build), but it is slower spin and after the long wait, it has the bonus of heaviest
  • Strengths: it is good at farming all mobs, just not at farming players
  • Weaknesses: it is a leaf build, but it does not have the ultra fast healing an all leaf has
  • How to Get: farm ants for leaf and faster, boulder for rock ( or boulder or player for heaviest.)
  • Variations: replace heaviests with faster to make leafblower or replace leaves with rose and stinger to add in more dps
  • Tip/Note: though this is a leaf build, does not have nearly as much healing as full leaf, but it is still enough

the One Man Army[]

"everyone die die die!"

  • Target Zone: Hard zone and ? zone
  • Petals Used: (put in this order) Cactus, Cactus, Cactus, Bubble, Salt, Iris, Dandelion

(you will have 3 roses to switch out the 3 cacti in the first 3 slots)

  • How it Works: Bubble forward and shoot your dandy at the same time, with the positioning of the iris there is a good chance you can land both the dandy and iris at once which is extremely devastating. The cacti increase your hp, the salt allows for more damage to be reflected upon contact with other players (Salt plus cacti is very good combo). In bad situations you can run with bubble.
  • Strengths: This can absolutely dominate in a 1v1 with its higher hp and pvp based petals.
  • Weaknesses: Mobs will be the only real problem, iris is the primary petal to kill mobs, if there are too many, iris can't take care of them all and you should bubble away.
  • How to Get: Get cacti in medium zone by farming cacti or killing other players, try to get bubble from ladybugs if possible, salt is a priority, kill beetles you see while getting cacti, iris should be easy enough to get, dandy can wait until hard zone where hornets drop them often. (epics are not necessary for full viability)
  • Variations: Of course you can upgrade the cacti to epic cacti and the roses you are switching out to epic roses if you find them.
  • Note: This build is very hard to play, manually switching roses may be difficult during a fight, aiming with dandy is also rather difficult, iris is the primary damage dealer with basically no others, ramming is only an addition to the damage. Play at your own risk, this build is like a hit and run then strike again, the longer the fight the higher your advantage since you heal and your opponent won't. (Also remember this is a hunting build built primarily for dominating in 1v1s and great survivability in the case something goes wrong)

Colesaw II[]

"A classic example of 'biting off more than you can chew'"

  • Target zone: ?
  • Petals used: Cactus(Epic)/Stinger(Legendary)/Pollen/Leaf/Triplet/Stinger(Legendary)/Pollen/Rose(Epic)
  • How it works: Slap flowers with your stingers! Then dance on them with you pollens and triplet! Repeat for all other florrs.
  • Strengths: Amazing defense; neither florrs nor hornets can kill you.
  • Weaknesses: Bubble Assassin and its variants
  • How to get: KILL PLAYERS (not for the leaf though)

The Diep.io Tier 2 Tanks[]

"Note: Used for 6-petal builds only."

  • Target zone: Medium/Hard
  • Petals used:
    • Sniper: Stinger/Missile/Stinger/Heavy/Rose/Iris
    • Machine Gun: Rose/Peas/Rose/Iris/Bubble/Salt or Peas/Rose/Peas/Heavy/Iris/Heavy
    • Twin: Stinger/Stinger/Twin/Rose/Rose/Twin
    • Flank Guard: Stinger/Iris/Stinger/Rose/Twin/Rose
  • How it works:
    • Sniper: Being a ranged tank, the missile represents the front of the build. Though it has the capacity to deal damage from afar, the stingers, iris and heavy represent the damage, penetration and speed of the attacks, though the reload is not great. Overall, it is an all-in based combat build.
    • Machine Gun: The first build may seem strange, but it is actually a rammer-based build, dealing little projectile damage but poisoning and hurting the enemy if the ram is successful. The other build is a bullet spammer, though there is some close-up combat due to the rarity of peas.
    • Twin: Contrary to your belief, the head of the Twin build is actually the two stingers as when properly aimed, they can deal massive damage in a moment. The twins are a deathwheel attack for petal spamming, and the roses for healing. It is advised to switch the roses for more twins to reach max performance.
    • Flank Guard: This can be used for farming as well as flanking in combat. The front is the end with stingers, and vice versa with roses. The stinger end has better aim, so it can deal more damage. The back end is for flanking people with twins and is more farming based because of the low respawn.
  • Strengths:
    Sniper - Weak builds, Far away builds;
    Machine Gun 1 - Low health builds, Fragile Builds;
    Machine Gun 2 - Low defense builds, Slow builds;
    Twin - Basic rammer builds, Stinger/Iris builds;
    Flank Guard - Chaser builds, Early teamers with small builds
  • Weaknesses: The things that are the opposite of strengths.
  • How to get: Mobs.
  • Note: The build for the basic tank is a 5-petal build, with 3 basics, a fast and a heavy.


"Its petal arsenal will be the last you ever see..."

  • Target zone: Medium/Hard, but it can survive in ?.
  • Petals used: Leaf/Stinger(Any)/Iris/[Twin/Triplet/Pollen]/Rose(Any)/Faster/Leaf/Dandelion
  • How it works: *insert mixed static voices about how the different aspects of the build work*
    • Figure it out yourself.
  • Strengths: Killing other florrs. If they don't die, the hostile environment will take care of them.
  • Weaknesses: Hornet swarms and teamers. Also melee builds.
  • How to get: Farm anthills and spiders, then target hornets for the Dandelion. Then kill players for the pollen and then some


"Have a taste of my bowlingballs"

  • Petals used: stinger/stinger/stinger/stinger/heaviest/heaviest/rose(rare)/rose(rare) Keep a few rose(rare) in you're inventory if needed
  • How it works: The build is effective for attacking players or insects, But also can fend off people who are attacking you. The stingers are your main primary choice of weapons, you're secondary weapon is the heaviest(bowling ball), the heavies(bowling balls) are to take the damage given when you are getting attacked or attacking.
  • Strengths: If used correctly it can outlast most opponets, as well as good protection and farming. It can also be used as a rammer and a pain to kill in a 1v1. the build works even better with stinger (legendary).
  • Weaknesses: Teamers and sometimes twins or triplet users, as they can quickly destroy you're petals, Hornets (if group) and ants if you are not careful.
  • Variations: You can switch out the heaviest(bowling balls) for triplets or bubble and cactus(epic).

The Yellowjacket[]

"He attacc, he protecc, he go killing leader bacc"

  • Petals Used: Purple cactus, stinger, stinger, stinger, faster, rose, rose. Have bubble in inventory along with more roses and of course switch out petals with their epic/legendary variants
  • How it Works: This build is great for taking out mean death wheel leaders, using the Bubble to ram into them, and deal more damage with stingers.
  • Weaknesses: Large swarms of bugs (of course) and build like the angel and the demon.
  • How to Get: Easy! farm cactuses.
  • Tips: if the leader is quick-ripper or anything with tringers, then he will be 2 dangerous 2 fight.

The Antiteamer[]

  • Petals used: 2X Rose (rare), 2X Faster, 2X stinger, iris, and stinger. Keep extra epic roses in your inventory (if you have them).
  • How it works: This requires a skill to time your attacks so that when you go in to fight, you timed the rotation of your damage dealing petals to hit the target and not take any extra damage. Another alternative is to get them to chase you, and then loop around when your petal rotation is correct and counter attack. Try to chase them into mobs if you can.
  • Strengths: If used correctly, you can easily hunt people with legendaries or petals you may want. This setup offers good protection also, with the epic roses blocking stinger and iris and missle attacks as well as heal you, and most people do not want to get hit by the plethora of high damage petals. Along with that, the iris is positioned to hit most of the time if you are favoring its attack. This setup is also effective against mobs, and can shred giant beetles fairly fast (faster then death wheel). It is bad against swarms of about 7+ hornets.
  • Weaknesses: This requires a lot of skill to use, and can sometimes get overwhelmed from a bunch of mobs on you with people chasing you. Also, It is slightly weak to a hybrid between a death wheel and a poison cactus rammer due to the trappish playstyle you have to take on in this setup.
  • How to get: Try to farm spiders. They are a good supply for all three offensive petals in this setup. As well as that, right when you spawn in farm ladybugs and try to get 2 regular roses. Then, go to the medium zone and try to get a stinger. When you are level 15 and have a stinger, go to the hard zone and start farming spiders to get 2 more stingers and an iris (if you get a faster leave it in your inventory for lvl.30). At level 45 add a 2nd faster.
    • Lvl 15. setup: rose (any rarity) x2, 2x stinger, iris, stinger.
    • Lvl 30. setup: rose (rare) x2, faster, 2x stinger, iris, stinger.
  • Variations: If you get any other legendary besides Stinger (Legendary) and maybe antenna if you want extra view, dont use it. If you do get a legendary stinger, replace it with your stinger that is after the iris and would be the first to attack.

The Arsenal[]

"The deadly combination of the Quick Ripper/Hypersonic Cinderblock/Bubble Assasin"

  • Petals- Bubble/Bubble/Rock or Heaviest/Stinger/Dandelion/Iris/Stinger/Rock or Heaviest Keep two fasters/triplets/pollen in Inventory
  • How it works- Oh boy this is kinda hard to master. Use your two Bubbles to boost toward others, then quickly replace those bubbles with your faster (using e, 1, e, 2). If done correctly, the Heaviest will heavily damage the enemy, the Stinger will do more heavy damage, the Dandelion and the iris will poison and prevent them from healing (Don't attack), more heavy damage with the Stinger, your other heaviest will do more damage, and that should happen quickly because of your Faster. It will either kill them or heavily damage them, and if that happens, they will die by Iris's poisoning (most of the time). If the target does have a heaviest your heaviest will counter it and the rest of your petals can hit. If you don't have Faster, and use Triplet/Pollen, your petals will clump together. When clumped, your petals don't spin slower to even out the damage, so basically your petals will still hit kinda fast.
  • Strengths- Small to Medium-sized hornet swarms (1-11), killing these builds: Quick-Ripper, Death Wheel, Missile Shooter, the Hybrid, Stinger Fever, Indestructible pacifist (use bubbles to boost out of the webs), a lot more
  • Weaknesses- The Boulder (if they are using Rock or Heaviest, the heavy will be easy to deal with), Blanket Fort (if they trap you), The Defender, Devastator (somewhat), Large hornet swarms
  • How to get- The fastest way to get this is this: Go to Hard and defeat Spiders to get your Stinger and Faster, defeat Boulders for the Heaviest, go fight Hornets for your Bubbles and Dandelion, then Evil Centipede or Beetle or Spider for Iris, and your done.
  • Variations- None that i can think of

Indestructible Florr[]

"This build can make hornet pie in a second!"

  • How it works: Epic Roses heal you very well while the cactus improves your max health. If at least one is epic, you can be a rammer and poison others. The heaviests have an INSANE 240 health, busting most weak florrs, even at ful hp (w/out cactus and/or rose). The triple stingers boast up till a total of 210 damage! (35x 3x 2). And they respawn quickly!
  • Strength: Can scare the hornet out of a player. Can make even 10 hornets a little piece of cake. Can tirelessly kill beetles.
  • Weaknesses: Rammer builds and massive mob swarms.
  • How to get: If possible, kill a Massive Ladybug in Easy to get an epic rose, but don't count on it. Instead, kill players whi have it, preferably waiting for others to wittle away at their health. Farm cacti in the Medium zone until you get two of them. You'll also get stingers from this to help kill players before you get the upgrades version of them. Then, farm boulders and ant hills (or kill other players who have the petals you need).
  • Variations: N/A
  • Tips: Run, ram, slam, and bam.

Stinger Fever[]

"Be proud of your crazy invention." (Use this build at your own risk by jelous peepalz/flours )

  • Petals used - 4 epic roses, 2 legendary stingers, 2 triplets. Arrangement: Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose, Stinger, Triplet, Stinger, Triplet.
  • How it works - The stingers will hit others making them vulnerable to other mobs. If they get some damage on you, your 4 roses will heal you back up. This will make the other player have to deal with the constant mobs and you. Your stingers + triplets is powerful enough to kill all the mobs and the players. (No need for pollen). The mobs come toward you and they get obliterated by the stingers and triplets. If you are low oon health, the epic roses should almost heal you all the way back up.
  • Strengths - You can almost kill anyone unless they are very good or are teaming with other people. The mobs are almost no problem to you when they spot you. Works best if there isn't too much players like over 100.
  • Weaknesses - When dealing with a lot of mobs, you might get overwhelmed, so you could die but it's unlikely. The petals are kind of hard to get if you're unlucky.
  • How to get - Get the epic roses from other players, or grab as much from giant ladybugs. The stingers are from queen ants, so destroy all ant holes if you see one. You can also kill others for the petals.
  • Variation - You can replace one of the roses for a bubble in case of emergencies.
  • Tip - Even if you instantly heal up, don't suddenly rush in because you can die almost immediately!

The Newbie build[]

"Just starting off"

  • Petals used (in order): Cactus/Rose/Fast/Fast/Rose/Cactus
  • How it works: Your two cactuses make your health higher. This is a great advantage for newbies because your health is higher. Two roses make you hard to kill. And fasts are your best bet while your other petals are recharging.
  • Strengths: Newbies with this build in hard zone can easily take down hornets and other mobs without getting to low health.
  • Weaknesses: This build can be good for newbies, But players better than you can take you down easily by their very good petals.
  • How to get: Look for some ants in easy mode. And place your fast in the middle. If you get a twin, Do the same thing for your twin. Look for some rocks and get two heavys. The heavys will be on the ends. Look for ladybugs and get roses. The only basics you have left go right there. Delete the basics. Look for two cactuses that will replace your heavys. If you reached above level 15, Add another fast and keep your heavy on the end.
  • Variations: Add two twins that replace your fasts. You can also add some stingers to replace your cactuses because stingers are more common to get. if you get some, use triplets and rice to replace your fast because why not.

Anti Hornets[]


  • Petals used: 3 cacti, 1 rose (any type, preferably epic), 3 twins/triplets, 1 faster
  • How it works: The cacti increase your health so you can survive the onslaught of the hornets. The triplets and faster serve as your damage source, being able to make quick work of the hornets. Make sure you go counterclockwise around the hornets to deal maximum damage. If dealing with einstein hornets, go back and forth to dodge their attacks.
  • Strengths: Hornet death, guaranteed. Does decently against other mobs too.
  • Weaknesses: Players, especially death wheels and wrecking balls.
  • How to Get: Get a rose in easy, then go into medium to get cacti. If you're above level 30 and still don't have 3, don't worry, you can kill a player who has one or simply just roll with 2. Farm anthills to get twins and hopefully triplets as well as a faster. Save the faster for last and only use it above level 45, where you'll need the extra DPS to kill all the hornets.
  • Variations: Replace some cacti or the faster with eggs which can attack the hornets. You use their own weapons back at them with a missile too (replace faster in this case to make aiming easier).
  • Note: We are not responsible for the death any hornets. They... umm... just got scared and hid away"

Hornet Hunter V2[]

"Yup, just like the mantra: 'He protecc, he attacc, he go f@!king hornets bac'"

  • Petals used: Faster/Rose/Faster/Stinger(Any)/Wing/Rose/Wing/Cactus
  • How it works: Wings, when paired with Fasters, are insanely useful against hornets. Add in a stinger and cactus, and you've got the perfect hornet slayer.
  • Strengths: Hornet death, guaranteed. Does decently against other mobs too.
  • Weaknesses: Players with builds resistant to deathwheels.
  • How to Get: Get roses and stingers in easy, a cactus in medium, then hunt anthills in hard for fasters and wings. Upgrade your roses in ? and swap your cactus for the epic variant (kill a player for it.)
  • Variations:
  • Note: sCrEw u hOrNeTs m8

The Wasp[]

"Let me sting you"

  • Petals used: 3 stingers 2 twins and 1 rose.
  • How it works: Stingers are like wasp stingers, 2 twins are like legs, And a rose heals you up, Just like wasps heal up.
  • Strengths: This build is just as strong as a wasp, So it can defeat mobs and some flowers.
  • Weaknesses: Hornet swarms and players on the leaderboard.
  • How to get: In easy, Just farm bees, ants or centipedes. Then go to medium, and find a rose! And the build is done!
  • (New) How to attack: Go into angry mode and chase a flower. Once you get close enough, You can sting them! Then crawl on them with your twins! And repeat.
  • (New) What to add on?: Once you reach level 30, Get a wing. And once you reach ??? zone, You can find a triplet. Then, Once you reach level 45, Get another wing. You can also get some leg stingers. Thats what to add onto.
  • Variations: N/A


"Not good at hand to hand combat"

  • Petals: You will need to have these petals is this order, epic rose\bubble\epic cactus\bubble\epic rose\stinger\stinger\stinger, preferably legendary variants.
  • How it works: This is quick and easy to state, use the bubbles to boost in grab loot and bolt out
  • Strengths: It is a "all-rounded beast of a build"
  • Weaknesses: Kinda... Although being able to destroy things, you put yourself at risk of dying when you boost into stuff, and also the wheel of death can beat it easily :(
  • How to get it: Go for ladybugs and bees first to get the uncommon roses and stingers, maybe even a bubble, then you can start killing people who have bubble and u could find a poison cactus(who knows) then the real fun starts, by now if u don't have to bubbles just Yolo on people and kill for poison cactus. Uprade your stinger and roses and then you can ruin people runs ;) have some fun, live a little

The Yeetus McChompus[]

Any of you heard of Blitz?

  • Petals Used: Bubble, Stinger(try to get legendary), Bubble, Stinger, Iris, Rose(legendary optional), Antennae
  • How It Works: You use the bubbles to get close to the enemy, hit them with your stingers, and the Iris and Rose are there for support.
  • Strengths: Other florrs, some mobs; It’s main purpose is to be fast.
  • Weaknesses: Other Florrs with high durability petals, Hornets
  • How to get: Farm legendary stingers and bubbles, and then get Antennae.

Another really gud build[]

"From the creator of best build&dominator&the rammer if that matters"

  • Petals Used: 3 pollen, 3 triplets, and 2 rare/epic roses. triplet, pollen, triplet, pollen, triplet, pollen, rose rose.
  • How it works: This is a build that you will see many leaderboard players using. Your triplets act as offense and pollen as a defense. There are many variations to this that you can see in the section below.
  • Strengths: Everything.
  • Weaknesses: Best build, kinda the Dominator, and any rammer builds.
  • How to get: You gotta kill ant hills and players that look like they have triplets or pollen.
  • Variations: One very good variation is to do the same thing only with 2 pollens and 1 egg. you could also take out a triplet and add another egg.

The Ant MaMa[]

"My babies."

  • Petals Used: Egg (Epic or Legendary) Wing, Wing, Wing, Egg (Epic or Legendary), Wing, Wing, Rose (Pre-ferably Epic)
  • How it Works: The wings help to farm Exp and bash other players, while the egg spawn help fight hostile mobs like hornets, and obviously, the rose heals you.
  • Strengths: The build can absolutely demolish death wheel builds, and can help shrug off hornet herds. The eggs are also good for attacking OTHER ant holes!
  • Weaknesses: The mirror matchup is won by the side with better eggs, no matter what. It is good at shrugging off small amounts of hornets, but too many will spell game over.
  • How to Get: Get a stinger-focused build and farm ant holes in medium and hard, you can also challenge massive beetles to get the things as well. As always, you can get the roses buy farming unusual ladybugs.
  • Note: Watch out for pure egg builds and pea shooters, they could be a big threat.
  • Variations: You can use two roses or add more eggs. You can also change the wings out for stingers. You could also use a web or two. However, DO NOT USE BUBBLE, it does not help at all.

The A.L.L. build[]

  • Petals used: Pollen, Egg, Iris, Stinger, Triplet, Faster, Rose, Antennae.
  • How it works: The pollen and egg gives you self defence while your iris and stinger will really damage players. Your triplet and faster creates a mini death wheel and your rose and antennae will help you heal and see better.
  • Strengths: Same as self defence, the pure rammer, death wheel, and the flexer.

Pollenized Stinger[]

  • Petals used: 2 Leg Stingers, 2 Triplets, 2 Pollen and 2 Epic roses
  • How it works: 2 Leg stingers to fend off players, 2 Triplets for farming, 2 Pollen for damaging mobs while running away and 2 epic roses for healing.
  • Strengths: Anyone with less than 2 leg stingers, Mob swarms with 20- mobs and 4- players/teamers chasing you.
  • Weaknesses: Anyone with more than 2 leg stingers, Mob swarms with 20+ mobs and 4+ players/teamers chasing you.
  • How to get: It's quite hard but when you spawn, Get 2 stingers by bees, 2 twins by ants/bees/ladybugs/centipedes. Then, get 1 rose from ladybugs. Go to medium and farm cacti for level 15. Once you reach level 15, Get another rose from ladybugs or yellow ladybugs (if you can find them). Go to hard and try to get pollen. If you can't, Get a twin instead. Then, look for massive beetles or queen ants for triplets and leg stinger (if you can find it). Go to ??? zone and kill 600 queen ants (if you can). And the build is done!

Solar System[]

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I've got planets."

  • Petals used: Twin, Heavy, Stinger or peas, Heavy, Rose, Heavy
  • How it works: Great for players who are just starting off, this build excels in the first two zones. The stinger deals damage along with the twin(peas helps you farm). The heavies deal damage and also protect you. The rose heals you. Use this before you get rarer petals and move onto better builds.
  • Strengths: Great for farming mobs in the low level zones and does decently against other players too
  • Weaknesses: Struggles in the harder zones
  • How to get: Farm ladybugs until you get a rose, then farm rocks and boulders for heavies. After that, farm bees and cacti for a stinger, and farm insect mobs for a twin. They should all be easy to get.

The Leaf-blower[]

"Let me just throw my leaves at you."

  • Petals Used: Leaf/Faster/Leaf/Faster/Leaf/Faster/Leaf/Faster
  • How it Works: Because petals are spinning around at supersonic speeds, and the leaves being all of your healing and a lot of the damage, this is a pretty good build. This is a balanced build because the leaves make you very hard to kill, while the the fasters and leaves make a death-wheal type thing
  • Strengths: This is a good build against against most mobs (not lots of hornets obviously). It works well against builds that don't have to many offensive petals.
  • Weaknesses: It is bad against hornet-hot-spots in the ? zone as well as offensive builds
  • How to Get: Farm ant-holes and centipedes
  • Variations: Replaces some of the fasters with more offensive things like stingers or twins/triplets
  • Note: Please find-out what builds this is good against, I am not very offensive so I don't know.

Diep.io: The Hybrid[]

"Drones and a ball of death"

  • Petals used: 2 Eggs (any), 1 Rose, 2 Rock/Heaviest, 3 Fasters
  • How it works: The eggs represent drones and attack anything nearby. Useful for defense, especially against hornets. The rest is a hypersonic cinderblock build, with 2 very fast moving high health petals crushing anything nearby.
  • Strengths: Crowd control, hornets, pvp, stealing kills
  • Weaknesses: Hard to get, mob swarms, quick rippers
  • How to get: This is a hard one, farm ant nests/massive beetles so you can get eggs and also boulders to get rocks. Fasters should come from the ant nest.
  • Variations: Replace the high health petals with triplets
  • Tips: Defense is key, avoid attacking players unless you're on full health. Thin out mobs as quickly as possible

The Neutral Flower[]

"I am strong''

  • Petals used :egg (epic)/ cacti (epic)/ cacti (rare)/ rose (rare)/ leaf/ leaf
  • Strengths: afk defending, hornet control, healing.
  • Weaknesses: quick rippers, hard to get.
  • How to get: kill players for the epic cacti and egg, farm cacti for the rare cactus and farm ants (any) for the leaves and kill yellow ladybugs for the rare rose.
  • Variations: If you are level 30 or higher, you can use wings or honey in your 7th or 8th petal slots.
  • Tips: If your on low health, hide somewhere in the medium or hard zone and hold shift or space to attack and defend. also, you don't have to follow the slogan or title and you can attack anyone you want.

Ultimate Build[]

"I am the King!"

  • Petals used: (In order) Triplet, Triplet, Epic Rose, Epic Cactus, Triplet, Triplet Epic Rose, Epic Cactus
  • How it works: A build often utilized by the top players, it has no weaknesses but is very hard to get. Pretty much, defend the entire time and no one can get you, hornet missiles and other mobs will be a total joke. Only bring your petals out to kill hornets or to attack people. If someone gets too close to you, simply ram them and they'll take poison damage, and use your triplets to damage them further. This build is one of the few that can reliably deal with the level 60 curse and can easily get you to 250k XP and beyond.
  • Strengths: Pretty much everything, mobs are obliterated upon touching you and even hornet missiles can't get through. Any flower without stingers is a non-threat too.
  • Weaknesses: The only thing that can touch you are players with leg stingers. Kill any players with one before they get too many.
  • How to get: Aggression is key because you're not getting these petals without it. Pretty much, if someone has a petal you need, attack them. Try using bubbles early on in combination with a quick ripper or deathwheel.
  • Variations: Replace some petals with leg stingers if you get them. Use an antennae to spot threats from further away.

The Unknown Name New Build[]

"a new build that want to re-create the all build"

  • Target zone: hard
  • Petals used: rose/faster/pollen/triplet/stinger/egg/egg/dandelion or bubble(hotkey)
  • How it works: rose for healing, dandelion for not letting others healing, pollen for chasers, triplet for enemy stingers, stinger to sting'em(tringer>triplet>stinger), bubble to catch up on them, and faster to increase your DPS. well, eggs are for hornets
  • Strengths: unknown
  • Weaknesses: pretty sure those leaderboard players cause they has better builds
    • How to get: ladybugs for triplet, rose and bubble, anthills for eggs, faster and tringer, hornets for dandelion, massive bettles for triplet, and use a seperate build to get pollen.
  • Variations: more fasters maybe?

The New Brave Protecter[]

"Oh you're new to this game? Try this build"

  • Target Zone: The first two zones, Easy, and Medium.
  • Petals Used: 5 Slots: Heavy/Rose/Twin/Stinger/Heavy. 6 Slots: Heavy or Rock/Rose/Twin/Stinger or Iris/Rose/Heavy.
  • How it works: The heavies are great at protecting weak petals. That's why I put a Heavy in the build. Your stingers are for attacking. While your stingers sit there, the heavies will protect it. Twin are just for mobs. Like what I said, twins are weak so they need heavies to protect them.
  • Strengths: You can defeat players with lots of weak petals that recharge long like Iris or maybe even Stinger.
  • Weaknesses: The weaknesses are only high health mobs and players with fasters. Those builds can easily kill your heavies and it might kill you. That's the reason why you shouldn't attack Death-Wheel builds.
  • How to get: I don't really need to tell you unless you are a dumb noob who is starting to play this game. Anyways, to get, farm boulders and rocks to get a heavy or a rock, Farm ladybugs for rose, Farm insect mobs for Twin, and farm Bees for a Stinger.

The Angelic Assassin[]

"If the angels had an assassin, it would be this"

  • Petals Used: Faster/Wing/Wing/Wing/Iris/Any type of rose/Any type of rose/Any type of rose
  • How it Works: The iris hits first, then the wings, dealing massive damage. You can probably get off two rotations by the time your opponents manages to get away, and the iris either finishes them or weakens them a LOT. The iris can also be used on anthills.
  • Strengths: All round decent, just watch out for pollen and mob swarms. It is decent against most deathwheels, you have more range than them.
  • Weaknesses: Mob swarms can overwhelm this, and also builds with heavier petals can shred this in half.
  • How to Get: Start off with another build, this is nearly impossible to get in the first 3 zones. Then, grind in the ??? zone for wings and roses, which dark red ladybugs drop, and anthills for fasters. Iris is from spiders. At level 15-30, use 2 wings and 2 roses. 30-45, use either 3 wings and 2 roses, or (what I prefer) 2 wings and 3 roses. Then, do the full fledged combo at level 45+
  • Variations: More fasters, more irises, or getting a stinger in there are all viable, but I prefer to stick with the plain build.
  • Tip: It is a decent combo, but try to stay away from high damage builds. The ??? zone is not actually that dangerous, try to go there at lvl 15-30 with a good build. Try to up the roses once you get a chance.


"The fusion of the survival and offense/defense mentality; also it is the combination of stall and stinger so that's neat"

  • Petals used: on the varied petals, they're just suggestions

(Structure) Rose/Stinger/Stinger/Stinger/Rose/Varies/Pollen/Varies

Varies: (Escaping) Bubble, (Stalling) Web, (Offense/Defense) Faster/Rice or Cactus

  • How it Works: Essentially, the stingers act as deterrence on the stinger side and the pollen as a stalling mechanism and trap. It is also a build which requires different petals to cover other weaknesses: Locomotion, Long-Range, or Defense. The varied petals may be expanded further into the petals of your choice, such as Missile, Corn, Egg or Honey.
  • Strengths: It is a flexible build and can even be substituted as the Rose-Stinger Build, but is more open to lures and traps (which is a good thing) than its straightforward counterpart. Also, freedom of choice on the varied petals.
  • Weaknesses: Crowding (as in, many mobs attacking you all at once), Mega-Ranged, Death-Wheelers, and Hornets (as they do not follow close to you and is ranged mob).
  • Variations: Listed at the top and Noted in the "How it Works".
  • How To Get: Well, search it up here in the Florr.io Wiki, and see the petals that I suggested, and what mobs will drop it. Generally, farming specific mobs and killing other players of the petals you need is the normal choice.
  • Tips: While still below Level 30, try earning Roses and Stingers from the Bees and Ladybugs at the Easy/Medium parts of the map, then work your way to achieving other petals.

Shiftin' falcon (beta)[]

"cyclone at day, striker at night."

  • Petals used: Petal rain build: rose, dandelion, stinger/triplet, peas, rose, dandelion, stinger/faster, peas. Chase build: bubble, bubble, stinger, honey, epic cactus, cactus, cactus, salt.
  • How it works: This is basically an strategy with a build in use and another one kept in the inventory (to instantly switch them press x). Petal rain build: You just petal spam the peas and dandelion to deal damage and repel chasers while healing with the rose (the extra two ones can be useful in other ways). If you want to directly attack the enemy, you can wait until you have high health and the enemy is affected by the dandelion and switch to striker build. Striker Build: You use the bubbles to jump over your enemy and brawling them (maybe even poison ramming). On low health you should dash out and switch back to heal.
  • Strengths: many classes depending on active build, especially chasers and mob swarms
  • Weaknesses: Some trappers, massive beetles and some tanky builds.
  • Variations: none yet
  • How to get: Killing players and almost every mob in the way (starting with cactus).

The perfection[]

"yes, but actually, no"

  • Petals Used: triplet, faster, faster, wing, salt, stinger, heaviest, cactus, and extra roses(make sure you have at least 2), leaves, and bubbles just in case
  • How it Works: mix of builds. in danger, 2 roses replace one of the faster and heaviest, then bubble replace wing.
    • for better performance, replace that stinger with a fancy Ubasic
  • Strengths: no
  • Weaknesses: everything
  • How to Get: don't, just don't
  • Variations: more rose so survivalists will be happy // change wing with web or pollen
  • Pro Tip/Note: don't use this

The Dark Swordsman[]

"like that dual wielder from that one anime"

  • Petals Used: stinger/salt/stinger/rose/heavy/heavy
  • How it works: The stingers act as two "swords," warding off any players who aren't either a bit ranged or have just joined. Salt reflects damage, the rose heals, and the heavy "shields" against any peas or other projectiles
  • Strengths: Good against warding off new players, and good at getting early game itself (the salt can be replaced with something else)
  • Weaknesses: Base form is really, really bad at attacking ranged players, the best you can do against them is defend and hope that their attacks hit the heavy or salt
  • How to get: Farm bees and rocks for the stingers and heavies, then farm ants, cacti, and boulders for the salt and roses and exp.
  • Variations: Stingers and heavies can be replaced with missiles and boulders for a more mid game play, the rose can be a leaf or iris if you're into that
  • Pro Tip: You should use this strategy with a group, with a good offence and defense together, you will dominate the desert area.



  • Petals Used in order: rose/salt/bubble/stinger/iris/stinger/faster/twin
  • How it works: While the rose heals you, the bubble, salt and stinger help you deal massive damage when you ram. The twin and faster are the deathwheel parts of the build, which makes you powerful enough against most mobs. The faster also makes your stingers and iris hit faster. The iris is good in ramming and in attacking.
  • Strengths: Enemies without healing petals, a small amount of mobs, one big mob, ants.
  • Weaknesses: HORNETS, high endurance and damage enemies, high healing enemies and a few other things.
  • How to get: To get roses and bubbles, farm ladybugs. To get salt and irises, farm beetles. To get twin and faster, farm ant holes. To get stingers, farm spiders and cacti. So you need to farm Ladybugs, Beetles, Ant Holes, Spiders and Cacti.
  • Tip: Keep a rose in your inventory and switch it with the salt when at low hp or when fighting mobs.
  • Credits: This is not fully my work (only about half of this is my work), because a person named @AquaticHamster101 had an idea to make this build, but I don't think he posted it. I named this build and thought of the strengths and weaknesses myself.

Spiky Roses[]

"Its healing properties are amazing. Not so bad at combat thought.

  • Petals Used in order: Rose, stinger, stinger, stinger, rose, twin, rose, twin
  • How it works: The roses heal you, while the stingers deal massive damage and the twins are there for farming mobs and stuff.
  • Strengths: Mobs, especially ant holes, pvp.
  • Weaknesses:High durability petals and maybe hornets.
  • How to get:Farm Ladybugs, especially dark and yellow (Rare roses are recommended for better play), cacti and bees for stingers and farm ant holes for twins and for leg stingers.
  • Credits: This page: Ant hole destroyer. | Fandom Take a look! Toxiy was using it.
  • Note I am not fully sure that this is not copyright, so if anyone noticed that this build was already made please comment below.

Entirely Gimmicks[]

"choose between Arsenal and Insta-ripper, why not both?"

  • Petals Used in order: Bubble/Bubble/Rock or Heaviest/Stinger/Dandelion/Iris/Stinger/Rock or Heaviest. keep some rose, antennae and triplet(use other petals if you can't get antennae)
  • How it works: it starts like an Arsenal, but after the bubble is popped you will use your light speed keybinds to instantly switch your bubble to something else (like honey, or other things) and then constantly spamming q, e, 1, and 2 to switch between antennae and triplet so that it becomes so quicc and the heaviest will wreck through the defence of enemy's so that your stinger can kill him
  • strengths: spammers will kill everything using their 2 petal slots to met what they originally needs 4 fasters. now they can kill people easily.
  • weaknesses: large horde of mobs will threaten your Heaviest; your all advantage will disappear once you stop spamming keybinds.
  • how to get: U can figure it out yourself.

Evolution build[]

  • Petals used in order: Tier 1: basic/fast/heavy/basic/fast/heavy
  • Tier 2 in order: iris/leaf/rose(uncommon)/stinger(uncommon)/twin
  • Tier 3 in order: wing(optional)/faster/rock/peas(rare)/cactus(rare)/rose(rare)/missile/web
  • Tier 4 in order: rice/heaviest/peas(epic)/egg(epic)/yin yang/cactus(epic)/rose(epic)/triplet
  • this build is a WIP