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Before starting: I want to thank everybody who has helped grow this page! İf you hadn't helped, this page wouldn't have nearly as much information. Thank you so much!


Lily land is a compilation of fantasy ideas for florr.io. You can add your fantasy ideas here if you would like to. You can add fantasy petals, mobs, modes, pictures, etc...

İf you want to add ideas here, click the edit button at the top right corner. But please consider reading the rules before editing.


!!! These things are DEFİNETELY NOT in the game. They are just fantasy ideas and suggestions. !!!


Me, JFake, plead that everyone add mobs that drop your own petals. If you don't, this page will soon have loads of petals that cannot be obtained.


  • Don't add fantasy ideas that are copied from someone else's ideas. Only add ideas that are your own.
  • Please try not to add fantasy ideas that are based on other games. İf you do, this page will look like it was copied from another game.
  • İdeas also shouldn't be completely based on another thing in the game/this page. (For example, you shouldn't make an idea about hornets, since those already exist in the game.)
  • Don't use curse words or swear words in your idea's descriptions nor add curse words or swear words in the information writes. Cursing, swearing, spamming, and such will be deleted.
  • Be respectful while commenting. Don't use curse words or swearing just because you really disliked something. Please say that you don't like something gently and without exaggeration.
  • Don't delete other's ideas unless the idea does not follow the rules. İf you want to delete the idea, ask me (Lily pad 4918) before deleting. Click here to reach my message wall.
  • Please consider pointing out the date of your updates by showing the updated year, month and day. İf you have updated twice in a day, please also show which hour you updated it. İf you don't do these, then updates will be completely mixed in each other.
  • Don't forget to tell what you've added in your updates. İf you will, other readers will be able to understand what were added in the page.
  • We will pleasure if you put your petals by their rarity. İf you won't, then unique and common petals will be mixed at each other.

2021/07/04: Kim added few more ideas;later added more (see all these below).

2021/07/11: Lily added 2 new petals and 2 new mobs and designed some specials and added a new info about: Sourness effect.New petals: Sumac and Pomegrenate syrup. New Mobs: Rabbit and Frog. Also added the section of : Pictures and added a few petals' pictures (see all these below).

2021/07/14: Kim added 1 new petal and one new mob. Corrected the spelling of "Neutral"

2021/07/14: Kim added one more mob and petal. Added fantasy effects. Moved sourness effect into that section.

2021/07/15: Kim added two more mobs and three more petals. Completed healing effect.

2021/07/16: Kim added intersever chat and links section.

2021/07/18/18:00: Lily made lifetime ban in interserver chat in fantasy settings 10 weeks because lifetime was exagerrated.

2021/07/18/22:00: Lily added a picture for Royal Mode in Fantasy modes and made colour of teams from Red and Blue to Brown and Pink.

2021/07/19: Kim added capture four mode and added one more mob. Added another link in the links section

2021/07/19/09:06: Lily made capture modes' team colours Brown and Pink. And made colours in the Tag mode: Brown, Pink, Orange and Turqouise. Added a new fantasy mode that is called: Circle Garden. Added one new petal along with its picture.

2021/07/21: Kim added satellite petal and made anti teaming petal only accesible through FFA and its variants.

2021/07/22: Lily added 2 new petals. (See below)

2021/07/25: JABBERWOCKFAKE finally got online again, and he corrected the spelling of "orange" and "durable". He added a few petals and mobs a few minutes later. Later that day corrected the spelling of "multiple" and added the anger effect.

2021/07/25/06:17: Lily added new petals. Later added even more.

2021/07/26: Lily fixed a grammar and a few mins later added 3 new ideas plus a new rarity (See below).

2021/07/26: 05:51 Soldier Rupert Price (me) added a new gamemode called War Hope not very creative name xd

2021/07/26: JABBERWOCKFAKE added two fantasy modes and created the "fantasy zones" section. Rambodia, featured in one of the fantasy modes, is added to that section. NOTE: In real life I am a friend of Kabberwock, and the idea is actually from him. SO THX. And btw, if he wants to delete it, he can do so, cuz it's his idea.

2021/7/27: JABBERWOCKFAKE added a few petals.

2021/7/28: JABBERWOCKFAKE moved ocean zone to the zone section. Later he added a new mob.

2021/7/28: Lily tried to fix some headings and sub-headings.

2021/7/29: JABBERWOCKFAKE added the world map mode.

2021/7/30: Lily added 3 new fantasy settings (see below).

2021/8/03: Kim added Flowerpot mode.

2021/8/04: Kim added inventory setting.

2021/8/05: JABBERWOCKFAKE added a new petal.

2021/8/07: Kim added 2 new petals.

2021/8/06: AquaticHamster101 edited the introduction and rules.

2021/8/08: JABBERWOCKFAKE added a note in the overview section and added a few billion mobs.

2021/8/09: BUGoctopus without his account adds 4 mobs 3 petals and 1 effect

2021/8/09: JFake (this abbreviation is going official, as well as the less famous "content-free") added a mob and fixed a grammar mistake.

2021/8/09: bugoctopus adds 2 new modes

2021/8/10: Bugoctopus moved his other early ideas into here(with their original pages removed)

2021/8/10: JFake added another few billion ideas, except this time it's petals.

2021/8/10: Kim added the Manager Ant

2021/8/10: Bugoctopus adds massive slime mold, which is according to the real slime mold but have nothing to do with the one already here.

2021/08/10/(later Bugocopus's update): Lily added a few new ideas.

2021/08/10: BUGoc adds a description section to petals and mobs. he hopes that some high quality memes can be put down here.

2021/08/11: JFake added like, a quintillion descriptions (I give you permission to edit them).

2021/08/11/(after JFAKE made the update) Lily added a new fantasy effect and added many new descriptions (I give you permission to edit them like JFAKE did.)

2021/08/11: BUGoc added another batch of descriptions

2021/08/12: JFake added yet another batch of descriptions

2021/08/13: JFake completed petal description.

2021/08/13: Kim added diep.io mode and 2 new mobs. Made taks only spawnable in diep.io mode, and changet their drops; Nerfed Twin's damage but buffed its penetration.

2021/08/13: BUGoc adds 1 mode

2021/08/14: JFake added yet another batch of descriptions, this time for mobs.

2021/08/14: Lily added a few new ideas along with their description.

2021/08/14: JFake, and yes, descriptions.

2021/08/17: Lily added a few new petals and mobs.

2021/08/17/after Lily's update: Lily added a new mob that drops many of the petals.

2021/08/18 Kim adde 4 more mobs, Changed smasher's rarity from rare to epic; Added overide setting, worked on diep.io mode.

2021/08/23 Lily added a few new mobs.

2021/08/27: Lily added a few new builds.

2021/09/18: Lily made the mushroom (unique) idea moved into unique section and added a new rule (please also read that rule if you already readed normal rule)

NOTE: Kim (and the others) please make sure that teams' colours are Brown and Pink if you add a kind of team mode (plus Orange and Turqouise if it's including 4 teams in it). This is because Florr.io's not COMPELETELY stolen from Diep.io.

Put your update here!


Lily's (and the others's) petal ideas

Fantasy petals
Petal name İdea by Rarity Damage Durability Recharge Special description
Mandarin Lily Common 10 HP 10 HP 1.2 sec Gives sourness effect by dealing %10 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %100. It makes you... well, sour.
Mini stinger Lily Common 25 HP 1 HP 1.75 sec Weaker and faster stinger. İt hurts a bit whatever it hits

But is very fragile

Ghost rose Lily Common 0 HP 1 HP 3.5 sec Normal rose. But no damage or durability. İts healing properties are amazing

Not good at combat though

Light bulb JABBERWOCKFAKE Common 10 HP 10 HP 2.5 sec It heals everything within 5 tiles of it (petal, florr or mob) at a rate of 1 HP every 2 seconds. The holy but tiny light that blesses everything.
Nectar Lily Common 2.5 HP 2.5 HP 2 sec When you are damaged, you will absorb it like a rose and you will heal yourself for 6 HP after 5 seconds of being absorbed. It is sweet, but you need some time to digest it.
Wrinkled peas Lily Common 4 HP per pea 2.5 HP per pea 0.5 sec Normal peas. Just wrinkled and weaker. 4 in 1 deal after wrinkled, but still 4 in 1.
Strawberry Lily Common 10 HP 10 HP 1.33 sec İncreases special abilities of your other petals by %10. Can stack. İncreases special abilities of your other petals a little. Tasty and useful!
Grass Kim Common 1 HP 5 HP 0.3 sec Damages small but are durable, like when you hit someone with grass in real world. also fast spawn time. It keeps coming back again.
Boring Kim Common 10 HP 10 HP 1 sec Very boring, A blue circle with dark blue outlines. Booooooorrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnggggggg!
İmmature cone Lily Common 6 HP 7 HP 0.5 sec You will take %15 less damage from ramming things. Doesn't stack. It has unique characteristics that protects you from ramming... well, at least a bit.
Semolina Lily Common 7 HP 9 HP 0.6 sec Slows down the hitten flower by %10 by giving the chill effect. It is a bit cold that slows everything it hits.
Daisy Lily Common 5 HP itself 1 HP its bullets 25 HP itself 1 HP its bullets 5 sec Shoots small daisy petals. Fire rate: 1 per sec Yearned shooting?
Cherry Lily Unusual 15 HP 10 HP 1.4 sec Gives sourness effect dealing %20 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %160. It makes you... well, sour.
Square JABBERWOCKFAKE Unusual 0 HP Immortal N/A Being the yellow background for unusual petals, it gives all unusual petals 50% more health and 50% more damage. It is unusual only because of it being yellow. It's as rare as normal epics! The blessing from diep.io.
Hazelnut cap Lily Unusual N/A 25 HP 5 sec İt doesn't orbit your flower. But it acts like a hat to protect your flower instead. You won't be effected from dandelion, honey, sourness and such as long as your cap isn't on cooldown. When it comes to protection, it is something you can trust. Prevents damage and debuffs.
Lentil Lily Unusual 8 HP 5 HP 0.5 sec Like a fast petal, but is orange colored. Can stack in one petal until there are 3 of them. Can stack somehow.
Pine-Cone Lily Unusual 12.5 HP 15 HP 1.6 sec You will take %33 less damage from ramming things. Doesn't stack. It has better characteristics that prevents more damage from ramming.
Carrot Lily Unusual 7.5 HP 8.5 HP 1.5 sec (instantly if not moving) İt spawns instantly if you're not moving. If you are not moving, it spawns instantly.
Bleach Lily Unusual 13 HP 6.5 HP 1.5 sec Makes the hitten thing move at the reverse direction that it is trying to go. Effect lasts for 0.5 seconds. Blasts you back.
Fake fast Lily Unusual 6 HP 1 HP 7.5 sec İt disguises itself as a fast petal. But it's actually an iris petal. You can trick other flowers with this. Especially in medium and easy zones. Same poison damage as iris. It does surprise poisoning on florrs.
İmmature dandelion Lily Unusual 5 HP 5 HP 1.5 sec Same effect as normal dandelion. But lasts %50 shorter than rare one. A yellow flower that has so many mini yellow long petals. İts interesting properties prevent healing from affected units
Acne Lily Rare 0 HP for itself. 8 HP for explosion. One-hit 2 sec When it hits something, an acne will grow on that thing and when it takes damage, acne will explode and will damage that thing. Multiple acnes can grow on one thing. It must feel very bad to have one of these on you.
Stalactite JABBERWOCKFAKE Rare 25 HP 10 HP 4 sec It looks like a missle when first spawned. Then, it grows longer by 0.2 tiles every second after that. When it is destroyed, this effect is reset to zero. Somehow it continues to grow, endlessly.
Passion fruit Lily Rare ??? ??? ??? İt imitates the petal that is at the right petal slot of it! They can also imitate each other!!! You will never know what it is.
Blueberry Lily Rare 10 HP One-hit 1 sec When you right or left clicked, it will be dropped like pollen, and then becomes invisible in 5 seconds. There can be maximum 7 of them dropped. İf it's in the limit and you drop one more, the first dropped one will disappear. As blue as blueberry.
Wind rose Lily Rare 4 HP 20 HP 3.5 sec İt slows down the thing that are trying to get close to you by %20 and makes them move faster by %20 if they are trying to escape from you. İt blows them away slowly if they are not moving. When a flower tries to approach to you with bubbles, the flower will be blown away. Same things apply to the mobs that move faster than you.These effects won't apply if the petal is on cooldown. It is a socialpath that literally blows you away.
Pine-Stick Lily Rare 10 HP 17 HP 5 sec When you ram into something, you will do %33 more damage than normal. Doesn't stack. Makes your body thorny.
Cumin Lily Rare 11.5 HP 11.5 HP 1.68 sec The hitten flowers' petals special abilities will be decreased by %20. This is created to balance the Strawberry jam petal. See Strawberry jam. It makes the hitten object's special abilities weak.
Leek Lily Rare 10 HP 5 HP 2 sec İt is shootable as a missle. When it hits a flower, flower's petals will take infinite damage and will need to recharge. İf it hits the flower while a petal is on cooldown, the petal's cooldown will reset. A petal that hates other petals. Can't explain why.
Iron sword Kim Rare 5 HP 25 HP 6 sec Has 5% to do a swipe attack, dealing 1HP more damage and damages multiple entities The wrath of minecraft.
Watermelon Slice Lily Rare 5 HP 24 HP contact damage 12 HP splash damage 4 sec İt is shootable as missle. İt deals less damage but it also does splash damage. İt also does splash damage even though it didn't hit anything and go forward enough. Diabetics be aware.
Plum Lily Rare 10 HP 25 HP 3 sec Gives the sourness effect by dealing %25 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %175. İt makes you... well, sour.
Tulip Lily Rare 25 HP 25 HP 3.5 sec Shoots on left click. İf it hits a mob or a flower, it will take 25 HP damage and your flower will gain 25 HP. Like a vampire tool. İt sucks the other flower's and mob's health points to heal your flower.
Auto-Petal Lily Rare 10 HP (İtself)

2.5 HP (Auto turret's bullets)

10 HP (İtself)

2.5 HP (Auto turret's bullets)

3 sec A basic petal. Has an auto turret on it. Like an auto smasher, but much weaker.
Raspberry jam Lily Rare 15 HP 7.5 HP 2.5 sec When equipped, all of your petals (excluding itself) will have %20 chance to deal critical damage. When dealt crit damage, hitten thing will take %50 more damage than it would without crit damage. Critical damages may come from your other petals with this.
Petal slot JABBERWOCKFAKE Rare 15 HP 15 HP 1.25 sec Gives you an extra slot in inventory, effect stacks. Put your petal here!
Frog Tongue Lily Epic N/A N/A N/A A tongue that is equipped and will make you will be some kind of frog. Upon right click; your flower will shoot a tongue that catches mobs and flowers and pull them to your flower. You can also shoot yoour tongue to rocks, cactuses and boulders and boost yourself forward. There is a 2 seconds of cooldown before shooting tongue again. Spider man vs. Frog florr
Temper JABBERWOCKFAKE Epic 35 HP 1 HP 2.5 sec If it hits a florr, the florr gets the anger effect. The effect lasts for 6 seconds, during which it will lose HP at the rate of 9 per sec and gain 1 HP from every 15 HP damage it deals. Wow, chill out, mate..
Growing fungus Lily Epic 10-30 HP 10-30 HP 10 sec İt gains +5 HP durability and damage per sec starting from 10 HP. İt also grows %10 bigger per sec. Stops after growing 30 HP. From basic to strong heavy
Plant Fossil Lily Epic 5 HP 40 HP 6.6 sec İncreases special abilities of plant-typed petals by %50. Like rose, leaf, Cactus (any rarity), corn, dandelion, Rice, Pollen, Peas (any rarity) and fantasy plant-typed petals. Doesn't stack. Taste the Ancient power!
Animal Fossil Lily Epic 7 HP 28 HP 6 sec İncreases special abilities of the petals that are animal-typed petals by %50. Like antennae, egg (any rarity), web (any rarity), Honey, wing, missle and fantasy animal-typed petals. Doesn't stack. Taste the Ancient power!
Parseley Lily Epic 30 HP big one 15 HP middle ones

7.5 HP small ones

30 HP big ones 15 HP middle ones 7.5 HP small ones 5 sec İt spawns as a big one. When the big one takes enough damage, it will get parsed into 2 middle ones. When one or both of them takes enough damage, they will get parsed into 4 small ones. Small ones will get destroyed and when all of them are gone, big one will respawn after 5 seconds. Getting parsed is its job.
Boulder JABBERWOCKFAKE Epic 50 HP 50 HP 20 sec This petal is as big as your flower. İncredibly resiltent and deals much more damage. But recharges verrryyy slowlyyyy.
Lemon Lily Epic 20 HP 20 HP 2 sec Gives sourness effect by dealing %35 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %205. İt makes you... well, sour.
Resin Lily Epic 1 HP 0 HP 3.5 sec Upon right click; İt propels you forward like a bubble and drops a resin puddle wherever it popped. Resin puddle slows the things that step on it by %50. Resin puddle covers about 3x3 area and will dissappear after 5 seconds. To boost yourself or to slow the enemy? Well, it is both!
Pine-Combo Lily Epic 15 HP 20 HP 2.5 sec When you ram into something, you will take %33 less damage and you will deal %33 more body dmg than normal. Stacks but only stacks with other Pine-Combos. A thorny-shieldy combo!
Urchin petal Lily Epic 25 HP instant, 36 HP poison One-hit 10 sec The mixture of iris and stinger. What are you planning to do with this?
Banana Lily Epic 60 HP 20 HP 6 sec İt is shootable as missle. When shooten, it can hit up to 3 things for twice (First while going, second while coming back). İf it hits 3 things twice, it will get destroyed and will need to recharge. İt comes back to its spot if it didn't hit to things six times. Your mighty boomerang
Lettuce JABBERWOCKFAKE Precious 8 HP per layer

1 HP for core

8 HP per layer 50 HP for core 1 sec for per layer 0.04 sec for the core. İt has 4 layers that do 8 HP damage and has a fragile but very high damage core at the middle. İts layers are very dangerous to others. Oh, and its core...
Lemon jam Lily Precious 10 HP 10 HP 1.3 sec İnreases sourness effects of the sour petals equipped by %40. Doesn't stack. Petal itself has no sourness effect. İt makes your other sour petals... well, more sour.
Healer rose(Precious) Kim Precious 5 HP 5 HP 6 sec Gives healing effect for 3 seconds. Effect is as strong as poison effect. The rose n' leaf combo which is kinda invincible combo.
Iron axe Kim Precious 6 HP 35 HP 6 sec Slightly more damage than iron sword, but without the ability to do swipe attacks. İron is better than rock, right?
Banana peel JABBERWOCKFAKE Precious 0 HP 1 HP 1 sec You ever stepped on a banana peel?

It goes on the ground like pollen, but it does not deal damage. When a florr steps on it, s/he slides 4 tiles in a random direction.


Slippery ground be aware.
Diamond sword Kim Epic 7 HP 40 HP 10 sec Upgration of iron sword(see above), being able to do swipe attacks too. The mighty tool of minecraft
Mega-poison xHexagonal Epic 0 HP contact damage, 10 HP poison damage (per second) 5 HP 4.5 sec Similar to iris. Poisons a mob or player dealing 10 HP damage every second for 5 seconds but also prevents the flower hit by it from healing for 5 seconds. İt is deadly poisonous, but takes a little while to do its work
Rose(legendary) Kim Legendary 5 HP 5 HP 1 sec Even better than Erose(not to mention even rarer). Heals a wooping 50 HP! Flighty-healthy rose shaped like a heart
Auto 3 Kim Legendary 5 HP contact, 10 HP bullets 5 HP 2.5 sec Looks and works exactly like an auto 3 tank, exept smaller. automatically aims and shoots in 3 almost independent directions.
Hornet-proof Petal Kim Legendary 10 HP(50 on hornets and their missiles) 1 HP(200 HP for hornets and their missiles) 2.5 sec Yes, you did hear that right, DAMN HORNETS. Great effect on hornets. just a protect petal just for hornets. don't do anything else.
Dividend JABBERWOCKFAKE Legendary 10 HP 10 HP 2.5 sec It makes all effects able to stack to twice their original maximum value (e.g. salt effect can now stack to a maximum of %50, Lime lemon can now stack to a maximum of %550), effective even when on cooldown. its doubling power for effects is going to be a nightmare for everybody.
Lime lemon Lily Legendary 10 HP 20 HP 2.5 sec Gives sourness effect by dealing %50 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %275. the sourness locked inside Lime Lemon shakes slightly, awaits the one to release them all.
Pomegrenate Lily Legendary 50 HP itself 3 HP pome-seeds 25 HP itself 6 HP pome-seeds 10 sec İt shoots small pome-seeds (Shoots 1 pome-seed per sec) around you that are set as traps and deals %5 more damage by giving sourness effect per hit. Being a maximum of %25. When it gets destroyed, it will do 25 HP around it and will drop 10 pome seeds. The pome-seeds (shooten or came from explosion) will explode after 5 seconds if they didn't hit anything. Pomegranate shoots sour trapping pome-seeds for the enemies.
Rabbit Ears Lily Legendary N/A N/A N/A You will equip it like an antennae but it doesn't increase your sight. You will jump by right clicking instead. When jumped, you will go really high for 2 seconds, and fall on the ground in 2 seconds (no fall damage). You will go over mobs and players. You will also move %50 faster while jumping. There is a 1.5 seconds of cooldown before jumping again. Bubbles will boost your jump by popping. Rabbit ears will make you jump high. but one of the reason this being the only one of its kind is that frogs don't have ears.
Chocolate Lily Legendary 10 HP 10 HP 1.25 sec İt makes your otrher petals's hitboxes %50 bigger. Effect stacks and also applies even if the petal is on cooldown. chocolate makes your other petals bigger. can't explain why.
White chocolate Lily Legendary 10 HP 10 HP 1.25 sec The flowers in your sight will have %50 smaller petals. Effect doesn't stack. İt also applies even if the petal is on cooldown. (The flowers that get in your sight and get out of your sight will still have %50 smaller petals for 3.5 seconds.) white chocolate makes your other petals smaller. can't explain why.
Netherite sword Kim Legendary 9 HP 60 HP 13 sec Like the iron and diamond sword (see above),But with slightly buffed chances of doing a swipe attack (being 7%) the ultimate wrath from minecraft
Diamond axe Kim Legendary 50 HP 8 HP 8 sec See Iron axe(above) that's really hard.
Aronia Lily Lily 0 HP 15 HP 2.5 sec Gives healing effect for 5 seconds. As a petal, Aronia will heal you in 5 secs.
Rose bundle Lily Legendary İnfinite 0 HP 15 sec İt can take up to 5 rose petals in itself no matter its rarity. Most incredibly OP healing thing ever! It heals if you can find enough roses to stuff into it!
Aloe Lily Legendary 0 HP 1 HP 10 sec Heals your flower by 160 HP but very slow recharge. Avoid getting killed for 10 seconds and you are back on your feet... if it isn't destroyed before it heals.
Bubble-gun Lily Legendary 100 HP 0 HP 20 sec Upon right click, it will pop the bubble on its weapon that respawns instantly. So you can go very fast. İt takes 1 HP damage for per popped bubble though. Fancy being a racecar or a race-florr?
Healer Rose(legendary) Kim Legendary 5 HP 5 HP 5 sec Gives healing effect. The effect is as strong as poison effect and lasts 7 seconds. The rose n' leaf combo which is kinda invincible combo.
Auto-Grenate Lily Mythic 50 HP itself 5 HP pome-seeds 25 HP itself 10 HP pome-seeds 15 sec İt has an auto turret on it that shoots one extra pome-seed along with its normal pome-seed-shooting ( 2 pome-seeds per sec). Same sourness effects as pomegrenate. Buffed seeds. Wherever it goes, KABOOM!
Satellite Kim Mythic 15 HP 5 HP itself, 10 HP for bullets 15 sec This is the antennae and the auto petal combined. makes your FoV 10% larger while shooting bullets the size of a induvidual pea. This goes around your flower, unlike the antennae petal. The FoV increase doesn't stack with itself but stacks with the antennae petal. It's a third eye of your florr that can actually deal damage.
Netherite Axe Kim Mythic 100 HP 10 HP 15 sec See diamond axe (above) That's even harder.
Auto 5 Kim Mythic 5 HP contact, 10 HP bullets 5 HP 3.5 sec Looks and works exactly like an auto 5 tank, except smaller. Even more turrets.
Cure JABBERWOCKFAKE Mythic 0HP 1HP 4 sec You can stuff a common, an unusual, a rare and an epic petal in it, and it will work like a rose that heals you 180HP every time. A pun. Never mind.

(Note: The abbreviation of Common Unusual Rare Epic is "CURE")

Bitter Chocolate Lily Mythic 10 HP 20 HP 1.25 sec Makes your petals's hitboxes %75 bigger. Stacks with itself and normal chocolate. When chocolate makers mixed cocoa with grapes and peaches and stuff.
Double white chocolate Lily Mythic 20 HP 10 HP 1.25 sec per one Makes the flower's petal's that are in your sight smaller by %75. Why stop at one? Why not TWO?
Caramel Chocolate Lily Mythic 15 HP 15 HP 1.25 sec Makes YOUR petals bigger by %50 and makes ENEMİES' petals smaller by %50. TOO MUCH SUGAR İS USED FOR THİS ONE!!!
Sumac Lily Mythic 24 HP 12 HP 2.5 sec Gives sourness effect by dealing %65 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %325. So sour that nobody dares to taste it.
Covid-19 sprayer Lily Mythic İnfinite 0 HP (only for itself) 1 min Upon left click; İt sprays out the real Covid-19 or Coronavirus with its other name. Sadistically, the sprayer's virus has same effects as Covid-19 ! When the pandemic is unleashed onto this world, the first victim will be the guy that unleashed it.
Wand Kim Mythic 7HP

0 HP for patronus and if patronus hits dementor 10 HP

5 HP 7 sec Dementor proof, spawns patronus like the egg petal. Expecto patronum!

(dunno if i spelled that right)

Strawberry jam (x3) Lily Unique 11.5 HP per one 11.5 HP per one 1.68 per one İncreases special abilities of your all other petals by %50 (%16.66 ability increase per one). See Strawberry jam. Tastier and even more useful!
Pomegrenate Syrup Lily Unique 30 HP 15 HP 3.5 sec Gives sourness effect by dealing %75 more damage per hit. Being a maximum of %375. So sour that nothing gets in its way.
Mushroom (unique) Nintendofan333 Un,que 20 HP 980 HP 25 sec İnceases speed by %5. Can take more hits than imaginable.
Anti-Teaming Petal Lily Unique 20 HP (40 if the hitten flower is teamer) 50 HP (100 HP if the hitten flower is a teamer) 10 sec (6 sec if there is a teamer on the screen) İt is especially made for killing teamers. Teamers and the flowers that already have this petal can't grab this petal. Note: this petal is only available in FFA and its variations. Doom teamers, and sorry for clan members.
Voodoo Lily Unique N/A N/A N/A Click on it and choose a mob. The chosen mob won't spawn for 1 hour and petal will disappear. You cannot equip this petal. The ancient but powerful curse.
Aronia vera Lily ?!?!?! 0 HP 16 HP 9 sec Heals your flower by 180 HP and gives healing effect for 7 seconds. It heals and heals, literally getting rid of all bad effects.
Oleander root JABBERWOCKFAKE ?!?!?! 10 HP 5 HP 2 sec It prevents healing when hit and deals 60 poison damage in total at a rate of 6 per second.

It's a petal that has the effect of the dandy-iris combo!

Taste the two-in-one killer!
Cure plum JABBERWOCKFAKE ?!?!?! 35 HP 35 HP 2 sec You need to stuff a common, an unusual, a rare, an epic, a precious, a legendary, an unique and a mythic petal in it (eight petals) before it works. It heals you passively 60HP per second (even while cooldown) Another pun. Never mind that either.

(Note: The first pun is the mythic petal 'cure'. The first letters of COMMON UNUSUAL RARE EPIC PRECIOUS LEGENDARY UNIQUE MYTHIC forms 'cure plum'.)

Spellbound JABBERWOCKFAKE ?!?!?! 1 HP 10 HP 2 sec When it hits a non-static mob, it becomes your pet. When you hit a static mob with this, it can no longer damage you.

NOTE: Pets DO NOT drop petals, even if they are spellbound pets!

This mysterious petal tames those mobs around you.
Rose JABBERWOCKFAKE ?!?!?! 5 HP 5 HP 3.5 sec Heals you to full health, ignoring the effect that prevents healing. Your own dose of panacea.
Poop BUGoctopus(without his account) Epic 15HP 10HP 2 sec inflict "nausea" debuff, lasting for 12 seconds. Eww... that's disgusting!
Termite Bacteria BUGoctopus Rare 10HP 10HP 1.7 sec each hit from you to plant material(flower itself, leaf, etc) will deal 3HP more damage than usual. however, other things(for example, hornet) aren't affected. It infests those plants.
termitomyces BUGoctopus Legendary 15HP 15HP 1 sec when defending, absorb in and heals you for 10 HP; when attacking, flies like wing. The ultimate multitool.
Cloak bugoctopus legendary / / / cloak stays here like antennae; if you stay still with mask for 15 seconds, then cloak will make you invisible; aggressive mobs become neutral to you, and neutral mobs become passive to you. for the handicap, your health is subtracted by 30 HP. Invisibility, but comes at a price.

Lily's (and the others's) fantasy mobs[]

Fantasy mobs
Mob name Variations Spawn and rarity İdea by Health Damage Attack Drops Special description
Fly Common

Easy Medium hard

Lily 14 HP 7 HP Passive Wing %0.9

Fast %34

Twin %10

Triplet %0.01

Fly colony eggs %0.5

Moves around slowly, stopping and changing directions. Flies around, looking for a tasty crumb of bread.
Butterfly Common

Easy Medium Hard

Lily 25 HP 6 HP Passive Wing %1

Strawberry jam %1

Tahini and molasses %0.1

Honey %2.5

Pollen %0.2

Rose (unusual) %16

Rose (rare) %3

Moves around slowly, stopping and changing directions. Starts to escape when a flower hits it. Beautiful creatures that are afraid of people.
Slime mold Common Easy medium hard Lily 10 HP 1 HP bullets 1 HP itself Aggressive Bleach %9

Acne %6

Resin %0.3

Covid-19 sprayer %0.0007

İt has vey low sight and speed. The first aggressive mob that you can see. Moving around slowly, stopping and changing directions until a flower gets in its sight. Chases flower with a very low speed and shoots small bubbles at flower that is very weak and goes only for 3 tiles. Not very strong, but has an attitude towards flowers.
Glowworm Common

Easy Medium

JABBERWOCKFAKE 20 HP 8 HP Passive Light bulb 48%

Mandarin 37%

Cherry 8%

Temper 2%

Nothing much. It is the "enlightenment" of the garden.
Fruit fly Fly Common

Every zone except ocean zone

Lily 8 HP 4 HP Passive Mandarin %50

Cherry %20

Plum %11

Lemon %6

Lime lemon %0.4

Lemon jam %4

Raspberry jam %7

Strawberry jam %5.5

Pomegrenate %2

Auto grenate %0.2

Auto petal %19

When takes damage from a flower, flies a little away. But not as much. Has many drops. Fly, but much smaller and much cuter.
Grass Common


Kim 3 HP 3 HP Passive Grass%28

Fast %16

Twin %5

Triplet %0.6

Faster %0.6

Doesnt move, like rock and cactus. A patch of grass that doesn't do much either.
Lily pad Common

Ocean zone

Lily 5 HP to 10 HP 5 HP Passive, immobile Lily pad %0.01

Kelp petal %20

Fast %10

Twin %5

Leaf %15

Moves around water like square mob. Li-li-li- Lily paad!
Rabbit Unusual

Easy Medium Hard

Lily 40 HP 5 HP Neutral Grass %14

Carrot %50

Lettuce %0.3

Rabbit Ears %0.1

Passive to flowers if they are passive too. Aggressive if they have attacked. Can hop over other mobs not to be blocked and goes %50 faster.

Moves around randomly when passive. Targets flowers when aggressive.

Its powerful legs hop over mobs, and its teeth chomp on flowers.
Ladybugger Unusual

Easy Medium Hard

JABBERWOCKFAKE 50 HP 10 HP Passive Passion fruit 37%

Fake fast 20%

Disguises itself as a ladybug. Looks cute and harmless, not so cute, but still harmless.
Maggot Unusual

All four zones

JABBERWOCKFAKE 15 HP 5 HP Neutral Fly colony egg 0.5%

Fast 3%

Temper 0.1%

Twin 0.95%

Auto-petal 0.07

It always spawns in colonies of at least 10 maggots. These pesky little things fester in the damp garden.
Mosquito (Female) Unusual Lily 5 HP 38 HP Neutral %90

Animal fossil %0.9

Wing %1.6

Termite bacteria

İt has an ability of damaging other mobs to heal itself like a vampire. Can attack when provoked but can't heal itself by biting you. İt sucks blood of other mobs to heal itself
Mosquito (Male) Unusual Lily 10 HP 37 HP Aggressive Nectar %90

Plant fossil %0.8

Wing %1.5

Mandarin %100

Cherry %40

Sumac %0.4

Pomegrenate syrup %0.07

İt has an ability of healing itself from sucking health of the flowers. This creature eats about 5 flowers per day
Bomber Bee Rare

Medium(Right half)

Hard(Left half)

Kim 20 HP

(30 HP for bombs)

50 HP

(5 HP for bombs)

Neutral Fast 35.7%

Twin 14.78%

Wing 2.5%

Bubble 1.2%

Honey 4%

Heaviest 0.2%

Hornet-proof petal 0.2%

This one hates hornets. It will duel any hornet when seen, laying heaviest petals like pollen. will also attack players when provoked. R.I.P hornets...
Frog Rare

Ocean Zone

Lily 40 HP 7 HP Neutral İris % 31

Mega-Poison %0.6 Frog tongue %0.5 Lily Pad %0.04

Description is coming tommorrow. Jumps, swims, poisons, eats flowers and insects. What more could you ask for?
Fish Common

Ocean zone

Kim 30 HP 7 HP Passive Fast 37.5%

Twin 13.4%

Fish scale %12.5

Just a fish. Moves like bee. Scales!
Kelp Unusual

Ocean zone

Lily 15 HP 15 HP Passive, immobile Kelp (petal) %50

Leaf %20

Twin %15

Like Lily pad, but slows you down by %85 for 1.5 seconds when you ram into it. Don't touch it! İt slows and hurts you.
Sea Urchin Cactus Unusual

Ocean zone

Lily 30 HP to 40 HP 25 HP Passive, immobile Urchin petal %1

İris %36

Stinger %42

Mega poison %3

Radioactive %0.1

Satellite %7.5

When you rammed into it, you will take 25 HP damage and plus iris's poison effect for 3 seconds (18 HP in total). All damage when in total: 42 HP. Poisonous spikes can harshly rip you off.
Shark Rare

Ocean zone

Kim 40 HP 20 HP Aggresive Fast 45.7%

Twin 34.3%

Stinger 20%

"Is that a fish? Looks fishy."

Wanders around when idle, Chasing players around like beetles do.

More scales, but this time it eats you.
Roseflower Rare

Hard and ???

Lily 5 HP 200 HP Passive Rose %100

Rrose %90

Erose %15

Lrose %3

Unique rose %0.01

İt shoots out any rarity of rose petal from its petals. %50 chance to throw Urose, %25 to Rrose, %5 to Erose, %1 to Lrose and %0.02 chance to Unique rose. İt can heal itself for 10 HP per second. When killed, a Healing flower will spawn in the place of it. İt makes rose petals for you!
Healing flower Roseflower Rare

Hard and ???

Lily 5 HP 400 HP Passive Rose %100

Rrose %100

Erose %50

Lrose %10

Unique rose %1

Heals damaged aggressive and neutral mobs (can also heal passive ones, but targets more aggressive ones first) and very rarely itself for 50 HP.

Weakness: Dandelion will prevent it from healing other mobs

İt's healing properties are so ANNOYİNG!!!
Peas tree Epic

Hard and ???

Lily 8 HP 200 HP Passive Peas %100

E peas %50

L peas %3

İt's very similar to reoseflower, but instead it creates peas petals. And doesn't heal itself. A Rest İn Peas will spawn in the place of it when killed. When the peas grow on trees...
Rest İn Peas Peas tree Epic

Hard and ???

Lily 16 HP (body dmg)

8 HP (its peas)

400 HP (itself)

5 HP (its peas)

Aggressive Peas %200

E peas %75

L peas %10

İt has 16 peas petals on it that split out and respawn constantly. 12 of them are normal peas, 2 of them are epic peas and one of them is legendary peas. Anything in its sight Rest İn Peas
Leafy bushy Rare

Hard and ???

Lily 8 HP 400 HP Passive Leaf %300 Makes leaf petals and makes even more leaf petals. Heals itself for 8 HP per second. A Leaf Me Tree will spawn in the place of it when killed. Some say it has dedicated its life to making leafs. Some other say that it is planning to conquer the world with its leafs one day.
Leaf Me Tree Leafy Bushy Rare Lily 16 HP 400 HP Aggressive Leaf %600 Heals itself for 16 HP per second and shoots leafs to flowers to damage them. Leaf it alone or else!
Blue Ladybug Epic


(can wander into hard)

Kim 50 HP 1 HP Neutral Rose 100%

Rrose 100%

Erose 37%

Twin 37%

Bubble 40%

Wing 36%

Faster 15%

Legrose 0.6%
Healer rose (precious) 0.6%

Healer rose (Legendary) 0.02%

Basicly the same as yellow ladybug, having more health and more drops.

Can pose a threat when low on health.

Cute and harmless, and drops nice things.
Cobra Epic



10 HP venom

Aggressive Iris *2 100%

Fake fast 100%

Radioactive 78%

Mega-poison 45%

Oleander root 1%

Its body is 12 tiles long and it moves as quickly as a player. It can spit poison when it is chasing a player. When the poison hits a player, the player loses 24 HP at a rate of 6 per sec because of poison effect. One of the most deadly epic mobs! Drops loads of poison petals. Legends say that it eats bad people. Not sure about that, but it definitely eats flowers!
Scorpion Epic Lily 36 HP 100 HP Aggressive İris %100

Mega poison %40

Radioactive %5

Stinger %100

Stinger (legendary) %3

İt will give the iris effect to the rammed flower along with 36 HP by stinging them. This one hates flowers
Tank Uncommon

Diep.io Mode

Kim 100 HP

10 HP for bullets

5 HP

10 HP for bullets

Aggresive 100 points When idle, moves like tank in diep.io (spins around), chasing flowers like hornets. Same speed as hornets. How did it get here? Through a portal?
Twin Rare

Diep.io mode

Kim 150 HP

25 HP For bullets

10 HP

10 HP for bullets

Aggresive 300 Points Same as tank The more powerful visitor from another dimension.
Sniper Rare

Diep.io mode

Kim 150 HP

50 HP for bullets

5 HP

35 HP for bullets

Aggresive 350 Points This one snipes.
Machine Gun Rare

Diep.io mode

Kim 100 HP

25 HP for bullets

15 HP for bullets Aggresive 300 Points Ratatatatatatata!
Flank Guard Rammer build Rare

Diep.io mode

Kim 300 HP

5 HP for bullets

50 HP

1 HP for bullets

Aggresive 350 Points
Spammer build 100 HP

20 HP for bullets

10 HP

20 HP for bullets

Twin flank Epic

Diep.io mode

Kim 100 HP

30 HP for bullets

10 HP

25 HP for bullets

Aggresive 500 Points
Quad tank Epic

Diep.io mode

Kim 125 HP

30 HP for bullets

10 HP

30 HP for bullets

Aggresive 550 Points
Triple shot Epic

Diep.io mode

Kim 100 HP

30 HP for bullets

10 HP

30 HP for bullets

Aggresive 525 Points
Smasher Epic

Diep.io mode

Kim 300 HP 70 HP Aggresive 500 Points Follow any players around like beetles do, dealing immense damage if anybody rams them. Same speed as player. Don't ram into it, you will regret...
Depserado Legendary

??? and zones above


50 HP primary bullet

15 HP side bullet

Aggressive Auto-petal 100%

Missle 100%

Dandelion 100%

Auto 3 100%

Auto 5 20%

Just like a desperado in woomy-arras.io, it chases players with a speed of 4 tiles per second and shoots at players. Like its name, makes you feel desperate.
Dementor Legendary Kim 20 HP

5 HP if hit by patronus

100 HP Aggresive wand


Make everything go black, you can only see something if it's distance to you is 10 background squares. instant kill if it touches you. Better avoid the shadows.
Outpost Spammer Legendary





Note: This is only available in capture four mode.

Kim 500 HP Body: 100 HP


5 HP

Aggresive None It doesnt move, but fires peas at opponent or mobs damaging all entities exept players on the same team and their petals. Turns the colour of the team currently having the outpost. Yellow when neutral. A friend of the dominator that spams attack just for the peas.
Trapper 500 HP

15 HP for pollens


50 HP


20 HP

It doesnt move, but fires pollen at opponent or mobs damaging all entities exept players on the same team and their petals. Turns the colour of the team currently having the outpost. Yellow when neutral. The body damage is nerfed because of the pollen. Auto spin and auto fire is always on when AI controlled. It shoots traps tirelessly, but still hopes one day it can escape from its own traps and lead a free life.
Missiles 500 HP Body:

100 HP


15 HP

It doesnt move, but fires missiles at opponent or mobs damaging all entities except players on the same team and their petals. Turns the colour of the team currently having the outpost. Yellow when neutral. The one outpost that has hornets in it... and possibly florrs?
Grandmother ant Queen ant Legendary

Only from ant manors and treehouses

Lily 400 - 500 HP 15 HP Aggressive Egg (epic) %100

Egg (legendary) %0.4

Faster %80

Triplet %40

Tringer %6

''This mighty old queen layed thousands of eggs''

İt is a varierty of queen ant.

But it's bigger and doesn't has wings. Even more aggressive with higher sight. But slower. Same AI as Queen ant. İt lays aggs on the ground that spawn baby ants. Baby ants will grow up over time.

It has some experience when it comes to breeding children and eating flowers.
Ant manor Ant hole Legendary

??? Zone and all other harder zones

Lily 700 HP 5 HP Passive Egg (epic) %100 Leg egg %1

Wing %100

İris %100

A bigger and stronger ant hole that spawns more queen ants & 2 Grandmother ants with even more baby, worker and soldier ants. Ants come in, and come out. Can't explain what's happening.
Treehouse Mythic

??? and harder zones

JABBERWOCKFAKE 500 HP 10 HP Passive, static Grass %100

Temper %100

Pomegrenate %80

Healer rose %20

Legg %10

Rose bundle %2

Oleander root %0.2

Spawns 20 rabbits and 15 frogs in total, and one dementor for every 50 HP it loses. When it loses 400 HP, it will spawn two grandmother ants. Naughty creatures on this house loves to kill florrs.
Massive Fly Fly Rare

the second part of Hard and beyond

Bugoctopus 100 HP 15 HP Neutral fast 67%

twin 50%

wing 30%

poop 6%

fly colony egg 3%

triplet 2%

as fast as spider; inflict nausea debuff, lasts for 8 seconds. This fly has been swimming in radioactive excrement for too long. It appears to be bigger and smellier.
termite hill(invented individually) ant hole Epic

??? area and beyond

bugoctopus 1000 HP 35 HP passive, static wing 100%

termitomyces 100%

spawns 30 worker termite, 10 solider termite, and 30 baby termites as the health goes down. when destroyed, spawn 5 solider termites and one termite queen Termites come in, and come out. This time I think we know what's happening...
baby termite worker ant rare, only in termite hill bugoctopus 30 HP 20 HP neutral wing 31%

twin 34%

faster 25%

baby termite turns into worker termites after 2 minutes. Cute little termite if it doesn't bite. Truth is, it does...
worker termite worker ant rare, only in termite hill bugoctopus 50 HP 25 HP aggressive wing 50%

triplet 6%

faster 25%

termite bacteria 40%

worker termite picks up any petal on the ground except termite bacteria and unique petals and those who are too far from it(over 4 tiles). they will use petals to regen the termite hill; the HP points regened is: common: 1; unusual: 2; rare: 3; Epic: 5; Legendary: 10. however, the same termite will not spawn twice. A nerdy termite that works endlessly.
solider termite solider ant rare, only in termite hill bugoctopus 100 HP 80 HP aggressive wing 50%

triplet 2%

faster 20%

twin 40%

stinger 50%

tringer 0.5%

solider termite also gives you poison when rammed: a whooping 40 HP. Do not ram it, it will almost instantly kills you. It will sacrifice itself to defend its home.
Queen termite queen ant epic, only in termite hill bugoctopus 500 HP 30 HP passive wing 100%

triplet 80%

termitomyces 50%

queen termite will still produce 1 baby termite every 5 seconds; however, their life span is only 30 seconds(then they will just die) and they don't drop any petals. Lays eggs, chases florrs. Wonderful day for old queen.
Traitor Mythic

All zones in teams mode

JABBERWOCKFAKE varies varies not applicable Pollen*8 100%

Legendary mini florr 100%

When one of your teammates is killed outside the FoV of anyone in your team ,there is a possibility that you will not know that s/he is killed. Instead, his/her florr will be AI controlled and has the same petals he died with. You will be unable to deal damage to each other until your(referring to only one person) health gets depleted to under 30%. Then it will suddenly attack you. There is only one way to know if a florr is a traitor or not: a traitor can receive damage from mobs but can't be killed by them! Beware of traitors in your team.
stalker hornet hornet epic bugoctopus 125 HP 20 HP aggressive cloak 8.3% it is spawned invisibly. when a player approaches 5 tiles within it, then it will become visible and shoot a web and (at least trying to) trap the player. then it will continue to shoot missiles that deals 25 damage until one of the player or it is dead. if it is alive, then it will continue to go invisible. Deadly assassin hornet. Possibly overpowered, but it doesn't care.
Manager Ant NaN Legendary


(can wnder into hard)

Kim 125 HP 40 HP for body,

5 HP for drones

Aggresive cloak 6.7%

egg(epic) 34%

egg(legendary) 15%

It will go invisible in 2.5 second if stationary, and spawns 8 soldier ant drones that surround it. then they will chase any player in range towards the manager ant forcing the player to bump into the manager ant and die because the body damage It has enough puppets to kill you, so it doesn't even need to do the job itself.
Massive Slime Mold Slime Mold Mythic

only in hard and beyond. also, no mobs spawn naturally on it.

bugoctopus 50(mat)


not applicable(spore)

not applicable(mat)


not applicable(spore)

not applicable covid 19 sprayer 70%

iris 100%

massive slime mold have 3 states. in mat state, it looks identical to the ground, but damages everything on it slowly for 5 HP per second. for each thing killed by itself, its area will expand by a little bit and it will heal for 5 HP. the only way to damage it here is to kill living things on it, but not by it, because that can release liquids that includes immune system which is lethal for the slime mold. for each neutral mob killed on it the health of the slime mold will be decreased by 5, for each aggressive mob and flower that damage will be 10. before turning to its second state-intermediate state, its color will slightly change, warning player about its changing. when turning into the intermediate state, its body will solidify and deal the initial 1000 damage to everything on it. if you somehow survived it, then you still have to ram your body against the mushroom of slime molds because you are now officially trapped in it. it's the only state that can be damaged and killed by petals. after a short 10 seconds, it will then completely disappear and become a single black spot, which represents a spore, and travels to a random point in the map(except easy and medium) and repeats said stuff. It's sticky, and just as deadly.

İdea is from Lily.

Fantasy modes[]

1. Teams (also squads)[]

This mode is like the squads mode in arras.io. Four players team together to form a squad. there are a total of 16 squads in the game. All members in a squad have a text below their name saying "Squad {Squad number}". Players in the same squad cannot damage each other. This mode is to be made mainly because of the major teaming problems in Florr.io.

A picture of FFA mode

A picture of FFA mode

2. Tag[]

This mode has 4 Teams, if one flower kills another of a different team, the killed flower will join the killer's team. Players are coloured by the colour of their team, the 4 teams being Brown, Pink, Orange and Turqouise. Players in the same team cannot damage each other. The team who have all the flowers on their team wins.

3. Royal[]

Royal Mode.png

This mode has 2 Teams. Each team has a "Queen flower", which players in the team take turns to control. Each shift is 5 min 30 secs. The queen flower is 3 times as large as a normal flowers, has 16 petal slots, and is able to choose whatever petal he/she (doubt it would be that or just she) likes. The first team to kill the opposite team's queen is the winning one. The teams are Brown and Pink.

4. Capture Four[]

This mode has 2 teams, being Brown and Pink. This mode's target is to capture all four outposts located one each in the middle of easy, medium, hard and ??? zones. You can press H to control an outpost.

5. Circle Garden[]

İn this mode: The Arena is circle-shaped. Easy zone is the biggest and most outer zone that covers medium zone. Medium is second biggest and outer zone that covers hard zone. Hard zone is third zone and is the second smallest zone that covers ??? zone. ??? zone is the only zone that doesn't covers any other zone and is the smallest zone which is at the middle. Nothing is changed in difficlulty; mobs and flowers. WARNİNG: This is not a team mode. İt's just an FFA (Free For All) mode that has a circle world.

6. Survival[]

The game starts when 20 players join in this mode. Then the room closes and if someone wants to join, a new room is created. After starting, players have 30 minutes for getting better petals. A counter on top of the screen will show, how many time is left. The map is like in normal mode. When the time runs out, all mobs disappear. Then a high amount of hornets spawns evrywhere, in every zone. Hornets don't drop any petals. The goal is to be the last one alive. Hornets don't spawn again, so it's recommended to kill those nearby.

7. 1v1[]

Two players must join the game. First, they choose the petals they want to have (including all petals that are in the game). They can put them in 8 petal slots and in inventory. They have 1 minute for it. After 1 minute all unfilled slots will be filled with basics. When players are ready, they spawn on a little map with dark blue background but no mobs. The goal is to kill the another player.

8. War Hope[]

In this mode: there are two teams, being the "Soldats" (the "villains" of the mode, colored Brown) and the "Children" ("heroes" of the mode, colored Pink). The Soldats have green helmets, while children have a blue and red cap. The Children must save the garden from the Soldats before they destroy anything, collecting petals to fight the Soldats. The zones are the same as FFA. The mobs are "Children" without the cap. If a Child has a Rose and the part of the garden they are is black-shaded (except for ?, that is brown-shaded), they can press H to throw the Rose and heal the garden within a 25 x 25 radius. The Rose then will disappear, but in addition, the garden will be more resistant and Roses are found much more commonly than before. The Soldats must destroy anything with the petals they collect. There is a leader Soldat that spawns with a Tank petal, a Twin petal, and a Sniper petal. The Soldats destroy anything within a 10 x 10 radius with every petal, the Tank destroys anything within a 20 x 20 radius, the Twin destroys everything within a 25 x 25 radius and the Sniper deals damage to a straight line to the garden, removing 25% of its health in the specific line.

9. Discovery[]

In this mode, it starts as FFA. However, when a player is killed for the first time, his/her team will be revealed (his flower will belong to a team, starting to be in one of the four colors). There are four teams, and florrs whose team has not been revealed does not belong to any team. After one's team is revealed, he can kill someone whose team is also revealed to get the player he kills into his team.

(It is just tag and ffa combined.)

10. Rambodia![]

In the rightmost part of the map, there is a new zone named "rambodia". There, the mobs are the same as ???, but all your petals can no longer deal damage to other florrs. They can still damage mobs and petals, and their special effects will remain effective.

(Just a new zone, after all.)

11. World map[]

You play on a map like the world map. Antarctica is eazy, Oceania and S America areleft and rightmedium, Africa and N America are left/right half hard, Europe and Asia are ???, and the rest of the world covered with oceans... well, obviously ocean zone! It's just another map.

12. Flowerpot[]

the map is ike a small flowerpot. You can invite people and the pot gets bigger with more zones. you can play as any type of entity and have any petal. Basically creative. Warning:you can still die and kill other people

13. Cubic Garden[]

the map is a cube. but each face is like a square version of the circle garden. there are also a portal in the middle of each square, connecting them all from inside. there are only 2 ways to go to another face safely: 1: before level 15, in easy area; 2: via the portal in the middle of unknown area.

14. Dark Mode[]

the FOV of the players is greatly reduced. you can pick up a special candle or light bulb petal(given when spawned) to increase FOV in the cost of petal slots. the rest is the same as FFA except the mobs deal slightly more body damage.

15. Diep.io Mode[]

This mode is like diep .io, exept its florr.io. Still dont get it? you control a flower, as usual, and you get points by killing polygons, tanks, and other flowers. you can trade points for petals. There are no zones here. The squares here are a completely differnt mob than the unique mob that is identical to it. This is the only mode to have tanks. Work in progress.

16. Hunt Down[]

in that mode, there is 2 maps for each team connected by a tube in the area and each have an extra cage area of the 2 teams' respective team. in the cage is a queen flower almost identical to the one in the Royal Mode. However it does lose all its petal in other areas(including the other team's cage) immediately without warning. also it can only access petals up to rare, and other petals can only be given by other people or picking it up herself. the tube is also not free, it requires at least 75 levels to enter. there is also a chosen "demon" flower, which have 2 orbits spinning in different direction and 18 petals in total(when at full level.). it, however, will have all its chance to get petals halved. it only need 65 levels to enter the tube. the demon flower deals double the damage to the other team's queen. the main goal is to feed the queen and the demon flower petals so they can get better builds, and let your team's demon to kill the other team's queen for victory.

Fantasy Settings[]

1 . Auto Attack

This setting is made for attacking without needing to press on left-click. When you press to 'R' key, your flower will be on auto attack. When you press on 'R' key again, auto attack will be off.

2. Auto Defend

This setting is made for defending without needing to press on right-click. When you press on 'F' key, your flower will be on auto defend. When you press on 'F' key again, auto defend will be off. When both auto attack and auto defend are on; Your flower will attack with the petals that go far away on left click, and the petals that don't go far on left click but defends on right click will defend your flower. While your flowers' face is the same face as its face on attacking (angry).

3 .Random Name

So do you get confused between some names? Or can't find a good name for yourself? Here is a button at right of your name slot that says 'Random Name'. Click on it for getting one of the most popular names!

4. More Games

Click on this button (At the right bottom) and see other games that Zeach has made.

5. Chatbox

Press the enter key and write things in the chatbox. When there is a new message in the chatbox; There will be a ballon that shows how many new messages are in the chat. İf there are more than 20 new messages, it will show '20+' new messages. When someone tries to use a curse word, the curse words' all letters except for its first letter will be censored. İf someone uses curse words in their chat for 10 times, they will be banned from the chat for 10 minutes. When this happens, they won't be able to chat for 10 minutes and there will be a write that says: Nickname of the user was banned from the chat' (with red letters). They will be able to chat again after 10 mins but if they will swear EVER again, this time they will be banned without needing to use curse words 10 times. This 10 times of cursing will be refreshed for the next 24 hours. Same applies to spamming.

6. Interserver Chat

Press the "t" key or the Interserver chat on the screen to chat. Players on all servers will be able to see it. This chatbox only holds 3 messages. If anybody is caught spamming or swearing(even once), they will be banned for 48 hours. If they are caught again, it's a 10 weeks of ban.

7. Petal dropping

There is a square that is very similar to trashing square but is grey coloured. Drag a petal and drop it on there and your flower will drop that petal. Or use Q and E keys then press on 'P' key to drop the petal. This petal dropping only applies on team modes. This is because of flowers' not being able to team on FFA (Free For All) typed modes and plus being able to give petals to your teammates and help them in team typed modes. (The flowers that are from the enemy teams can't grab the petals of the flowers that are on opponent teams.)

8. Take Screenshot

When you press on 'N' key, you will take a screenshot from the game. Without needing to use computer commands nor you'll need to download a screenshot app!

9. Recording

Press on 'M' key to start recording and press again to stop recording. You will record a video, litterally.

10. inventory

You now have a inventory that holds 24 petals. accesibble by pressing I or the ... button. you can replace petals from your inventory to your hotbar by draging.

11. Override

Disables your AI. Press R to enable.

Fantasy Builds[]

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1. Healing Angel

''You are no more afraid of death''

Petals used: Five Rose bundle petals (stuff 5 legendary roses in them) Aronia vera/ Aronia vera/Aronia vera

How it works: The legendary roses stuffed into rose bundles will heal you without caring that dandelion's effect and aronia veras will heal you even more. Make sure you don't die while the petals are on cooldown.

Strenghts: Surviving, healing even if you have dandelion effect and ramming (since you are invincible so there is no problem at ramming)

Weaknesses: The insta-killing petals (since you can't have more than 100 HP), attacking mobs and players, escaping (maybe you are invincible, but they can trap you with webs and teaming on you).

Variations: To prevent being insta-killed with tringers and stuff, you can switch a cactus for an aronia vera. And to prevent from getting trapped, you can switch a Bubble-gun or something like that to escape much faster.

2. The Boring

''You are so boring that no one can bear you''

Petals used: Boring/Boring/Boring/Boring/Boring/Boring/Boring/Boring

How it works: Boring petals will probs bore everyone, so no one will see you worthy. You can now be as solo as you want!

Strenghts: Borings are actually better than basic and fast. So you can use them to your advantage. And plus no one will even want to kill you.

Weaknesses: Mobs have no feelings, so they will still wanna kill you. Beware of them.

Variations: Absolutely nothing, sadly.

3. Enlightenment

''Let the Enlightenment Disaster START!!!''

Petals used: Light bulb/Light bulb/ Light bulb/Light bulb/ Radioactive/Frog tongue/Rabbit ears/Lettuce

How it works: The light bulbs will heal your petals and Radioactive will harshly rip off every creature that dares to get close to you. Whilst Lettuce kills the not-dead-yet things, and Rabbit ears & Frog tongue make you go much faster.

Strenghts: So many uncountable things.

Weaknesses: I suppose there is no weaknesses...

Variations: None.

4. Ranger insta

"The very fact of being a ranged build means that you are bad at close battles... not for this guy!"

Petals used: Bubble/Wind rose/Lettuce/Tringer/Auto-petal/Dandelion/Banana peel/Bubble

How it works: The wind rose and banana peel makes others keep their social distance. Wear them down with the auto-petal's shots if they chase you. Prevent healing with dandelion shots. When you sense danger, bubble away. If someone steps on the banana peel and goes towards you, bubble towards them as soon as they are in bubble range. The tringer will konck them half-dead, the lettuce will finish them off, and if they are still alive, dandy them and drain their health with the auto-petal.

Strengths: Nobody can easily approach you, and ranged builds cannot chase you. You are free to choose whether you hunt other florrs or keep a distance.

Weaknesses: Peashooters and people who have loads of netherite swords can swipe you to death and protect themselves from a dandelion. If you notice them closing up on you, RUN! Your tringers will be swiped to death and they will kill you before you kill them

Variations: Bubble into bubble gun, and the auto-petal can be switched into an auto-3 or an auto-5.

5. Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak and with his map in hand

"He sees you and your wand is knocked to the ground."

Petals used: Cloak/Faster/Faster/Tringer/Tringer/Oleander root/Poop/Bubble gun

How it works: Stay still for a few seconds, then when you see ur prey, bubble towards it. The damage from the two tringers (even if you land not all of them) wound your prey fatally, and if they get hit by the oleander root, they don't heal and will most likely die. If they survive this, the nausea debuff makes it hard for them to escape (controls spinning like crazy). Even if they do escape, you can chase them with the bubble gun.

Strengths: Mostly everything, except trap builds and builds with tons of bubbles and a good player controlling them.

Weaknesses: Trap builds, mega-super-crazy hornet swarms, being nearly impossible to get, getting attacked while waiting for the cloak to turn you invisible.

Variations: Have a rose replacing the second tringer if you are afraid that you will die easily as a glass cannon.

Coward Florr

''A perfect build for the ones that are afraid to attack anything.''

Petals used: Bubble-gun/Bubble-gun/Bubble-gun/Banana Peel/Banana Peel/Hazelnut cap/Rose (Legendary)/Bleach/Leek

How it works: Bubble-guns will make you go like light-speed. Banana peels and the Bleach will slowdown the enemies, whilst the Hazelnut cap protects you and the Leek Disables the petals of the opponent.

Strengths: Escaping, slowing, surviving, etc...

Weaknesses: The Leeks are a major problem due to their disabling your petals.

Variations: N/A

6. The two-build-in-one build[]

All termitomyces, my parents coming so not gonna say anything else. JFake, finally online again

Fantasy effects[]


Sourness effect is an ab

ility for some special petals that makes them deal more damage per hit. These damages have a limit. They also make the hitten flowers' appearance an unhappy face that is lime-coloured green. The sourness effect will be gone after 10 seconds unless hitten thing hasn't hitten by a sour petal for 10 secs.


This effect is granted by several petals, currently both healer roses. It heals the amount of HP poison can damage in a second. Time limit is varying.


This effect means that you will gradually lose HP but you will also gain HP from the damage you deal. HP loss per sec and HP gained, along with time limit is varying. Your flower looks bright red and frowns when you have the effect.


flower in nausea debuff will have their controls turning 90 degrees every second, and this happens smoothly. when the debuff ends, the control will back to normal. the flower will only have half the heals power compare to when not in nausea, and the attack power is only 75% compare to when not in nausea.


The chill effect makes the hitten thing colder. Slowing it down and making its petals' respawn slower. Much like honey but it doesn't makes petals spin slower, just makes them respawn slower.

Fantasy zones[]


A place where your petals cannot deal damage to other florrs (still can deal damage to mobs and other petals, still has special effects). It has ??? zone mobs.

Ocean zone[]

It has its own set of mobs (see mob section).

Killer petal zone[]

This zone makes all mobs except massive ladybug appear very commonly. This zone is very big due to the number of mobs, and drops a LOT of OP petals. Its the perfect place to farm good petals, but unfortunately, its also the most dangerous zone. Hornet swarms are common (even though you can use them on someone else XD) and don't blame me if you get stuck with a bunch of massive beetles. And all petal drop rates are increased by their 10%. This is the zone where many people pvp for good petals. Mobs respawn all the time, too, so you might end up crashing into a spawning cactus when your running from 100 hornets.

Artillery Battery[]

This is where hornets spawn like crazy so you can use the hornets to attack other people. This has a high risk though because you can catch things from the Killer petal zone. The hornets only have 10% of their normal health but 50% more dmg, and the hornets do not lock on other targets unless they ram into the hornets[]

The ?! zone[]

Random rare- legendary petals spawn here, but aggressive mobs also spawn here. You can't see anything, so its just a gamble. All you know is where you are on the map. You can see your health bar though, and you can see mobs when they get close (even though their a really faint color). You can get all sorts of good petals here, but who knows you could get rammed by a massive beetle without knowing it. The deeper you get in the zone, the greater are the petals you get. You could get 8 legs there. But if you go too far, there's a point where there is absolutely no coming back and you just get swarmed by hornets from all sides.


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